If you have been victimized in a truck accident, you will have a chance at obtaining compensation for the injuries and damages that you have suffered because of the fault of another individual. However, in order to receive compensation, you will have to go through the legal battle of winning a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. 

Before you think about going through with filing the suit, you would first need to determine who and what caused the accident. Liability plays a huge role in these types of lawsuits and liability cannot be proven until the accident cause has been pinned down. 

Proving liability in truck accidents can be tricky. Various parties may be involved in these types of accidents and more than one party may be responsible for causing it. In order to determine cause and liability, you would need to have some level of industry know-how. 

As far as studies show, the number of trucking accidents has increased by 20% over the past 20 years. The Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA states that in 2002 alone, around 4,897 people lost lives and around 130,000 individuals received serious injuries in accidents that involved collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles. Though trucking accidents account for only 3% of the injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, these types of accidents are capable of causing a lot more damage and harm than any other traffic accident. 

The trucking industry is highly regulated by the federal laws. Certain standards have been set by these laws, and the truck drivers, trucking companies, truck owners and leasing companies must adhere to these regulations. You can learn more about these laws and regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49. Agencies like Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) are responsible for regulating the trucking industry.

 As far as truck accidents are concerned, a web of players may be involved and anyone may be liable for causing the accident. Some of the parties that are generally held responsible are truck driver, truck owner, the truck leasing company, the manufacturer of the various parts of the vehicle and the loader or the shipper of the truck’s cargo.    

Get in touch with the Texas truck accident attorneys if you are looking to file a truck accident lawsuit. Your lawyer will be well versed in the trucking laws and regulations and he/she will be able to guide you through the legal maze of filing and winning the suit. 

Author Bio: Rob Baptist is expertise in injury laws. In his career he defended many accident cases. In this article he shares his experiences about the role of Texas truck accident attorney.