There can be no doubt that the United States is facing a health care epidemic. All across the nation, there are millions of people fighting addiction and the negative consequences it brings into their lives. These men and women are up against the toughest enemy anyone could ever face: their own mind. The neurochemistry of the brain releases pleasure hormones every time an illegal substance is consumed. It’s why people start using in the first place. It’s why, unfortunately, they get hooked. There are literally an infinite number of different addictions occurring simultaneously here in America. However, there are those addictions that are much more common than others. Here is a brief look at America’s epidemic: our most prevalent addictions and what we’re doing to stop them. 


For anyone over the tender age of 12, Marijuana has become the vice of choice. It is, statistically, the most consumed illicit drug in this nation. The pot industry (both regulated and deregulated) is worth billions alone. 
There is academic debate as of whether or not Marijuana is intrinsically addictive or harmful. Even if it doesn’t have a chemical component making it addicting all, there are a number of people who become addicted due to the pleasant high. A number of people simply outgrow their usage. Some states are fighting addiction by minimizing the illegality of the substance. Rehab services deal with thousands of cases a year in which people become lethargic after extended marijuana usage. So much so that they’re either living in squalor or are entirely dependent on another person.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug addiction is the fastest growing addiction in the nation. Every year, thousands of people become addicted to potent medications that should only be distributed by qualified medical professionals. However, that’s often the problem. People receive medication for pain and they become hooked. They seek out the continuance of pleasure and only find the negativity of their addiction.
Children are becoming frequent users of their parent’s medications. Pill parties are reported to be common affairs. The process to becoming detoxified from these drugs can be long and arduous.


Tobacco is the most addictive legally available item on the market. Although usage has gone down over the years thanks to the government’s efforts to prevent nicotine addiction, there are still millions of people who can’t quit smoking. The grip of nicotine is such that most people who try quitting will fail repeatedly– even with medical intervention. It’s a destructive process that can only be stopped through sheer will power and a lot of determination.
Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that is currently promoting rehab with She usually writes about health issues.