Essential Protective Items for Construction Sites

In the construction industry, loud noises, extreme heights and unpredictable hazards are part of the job. You may also have to fight against rain, high winds and other extreme weather to get the job done. In this risky industry, having the right equipment and protective wear can protect you from common jobsite injuries. Following are some of the most important items for construction workers to have. 

Protective clothing

The weather conditions will have a big influence on the clothing you need to wear when working at a construction site. When it’s raining, you want appropriate rainwear, such as waterproof boots, pants and a raincoat with a hood. (When you’re handling tools, you don’t want to be slippery). If you’re working on highway or overnight construction projects, you can find rainwear with reflective strips, so people can see you in the darkness.

When the weather turns cold you will need warm hats, gloves and heavy socks to keep your extremities warm. Other protective clothing includes steel-toe boots, which protect your feet from falling objects, and polarized sunglasses that reduce glare.


Jackhammers, drills and other machinery can damage hearing permanently, so ear protection on the job is extremely important. In fact, the average 25-year-old carpenter has the hearing ability similar to a 50-year-old worker who doesn’t work in construction. Wear ear plugs or other ear protection devices to reduce the risk of hearing loss. And remind your coworkers to do the same.

Safety Hardhats are important when working in areas where construction activity is occurring above your head. The hard hat minimizes the risk of head injury, if an item falls from above. To prevent falling, rope ties, belts or harnesses are required by law when you’re working above a particular height. And you can protect your eyes from flying debris by wearing goggles or other protective face gear.

Quality tools

A construction worker depends on having reliable, quality tools. If your tools aren’t properly maintained or are in disrepair, that could increase your risk of accident or injury. Regularly inspect your tools to make sure they’re in good working order.


A two-way radio is important to have on the job, so you can communicate with others on the site and quickly get answers to questions. The two-way radio is also a great communication tool when there is an emergency and you need assistance immediately.

Having the right tools before heading out for the job site will help you do the job. It can be nearly impossible to successfully and productively do your job when you do not have the right equipment. Make a list of tools you need for each upcoming job and spend some time packing the items and ensuring each one works properly. While your employer is legally required to provide certain equipment, you should always double check to make sure it fits you well, is in good repair – and most importantly, you must remember to use it. That hard hat won’t do you any good if you forget to wear it.

Sent by Cassandra Lynne