Energy demands are a hot topic in today’s society. Everyone is looking for a better way to conserve and live without sacrificing the creature comforts they have become reliant on. As a small business owner, you have the ability to assist your community by providing means to reduce the consumption of electricity within your establishment. The eco-friendly ramifications aside, a great deal can be accomplished by moving your system over to solar generation. Even the smallest, and most affordable, solutions can be beneficial to your community in a variety of ways.

1. Less Demand – By putting less demand on the power grid, you could essentially be helping your community in terms of power conservation. For each kilowatt-hour your business doesn’t use at its location, there is one kilowatt-hour of use in a private residence. If more businesses were like-minded, the price per kilowatt-hour could decrease as less of a demand is present, theoretically. Indirectly, this could help the economies of those locations as consumers are now able to spend more money instead of paying higher energy bills.

2. Decreasing Overhead – Even installing a few panels at a low cost to cover some of the energy demands of your business will decrease your monthly utility bills. With these bills decreasing, your business will have more money readily available for improvements, technological business advancements, payroll, or anything else you could use the extra money for. An eco-friendly establishment doesn’t just imply you are helping save the environment. It also implies you are helping to save your checkbook.

3. Promotional – Reducing your overhead means you are able to provide promotional discounts to customers with less fear of losing too much money. As you are saving money on the utilities, you could offer discounts on a regular basis which could turn into regular sales from consumers. People like a sale and offering such could greatly increase the business income. You could even go so far as to strike a deal with the solar power installation company to promote its work with a “we save so you save, thanks to…” type of campaign. Some organizations will consider the aspect of affiliate marketing and could create an additional revenue stream for your business. However you wish to spin the marketing campaign, you can use eco-friendly conscientious decisions to your benefit for creating a strong customer-base.

4. The Nights – Some will argue that solar power is lower at night greatly reducing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. While this is true, consider how much power is actually used during the night compared to the amount of power you could feed into the grid during the day. While some businesses operate specifically at nighttime, the savings during the day should be more than worth the investment to you. Even if you close your business for the weekends, power is still generated that is being fed back into the grid which could possibly grant you a check from the electric company.

Being an eco-responsible business, you could very well become a trend-setter within your community. It’s in your best interest to at least investigate the possibilities of renewable energy sources for monetary benefits and reputation. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars right away as you can slowly add panels piecemeal until your organization becomes a power-plant of its own putting far more into the grid than you are using.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston.