Sent by Ryan Edun:

Assembling a proper toolkit for basic home maintenance can seem overwhelming. There are so many tools out there to purchase, and you may not be sure which ones you really need. The fact is that you will naturally assemble a collection of tools as you tackle projects and make improvements around the home. However, there are ten tools you should purchase as soon as you move into a home, so you will be ready for most little emergencies and repairs.

The Basic Hammer and a Pry Bar
Hammers and pry bars do go hand in hand, and it’s wise to have at least one of each. The hammers will come in handy when you are hanging pictures and mounting new window treatments. If you have new carpet put in your home, then you will need the hammer and the pry bar for removing the old trim.

Mixed Set of Screwdrivers
Whether you choose a simple set of 10 or the deluxe set of 50, you need a quality set of screwdrivers. Choose a portable one that you can carry into the house for those occasions when you aren’t sure what size you really need. These are ideal for assembling new furniture, taking toys out of packages and odd household repairs like installing new hardware on the kitchen cabinets.

Vise Grips
Vise grips are also referred to as locking pliers. They have a screw drive in the handle that allows you to adjust the jaws and change the size. These are vital for handling most plumbing repair emergencies or tightening up a leaky faucet. Have a few on hand in different sizes.

Most items on this list are hand tools, but you really need a drill. You never know when you will need to drill a hole or drive a screw into a stud. Without the drill, you will get a workout with these chores, so invest in a decent quality drill that will last.

Tape Measure
When it’s time to buy furniture, you will need a tape measure to know what size you can buy. The tape measure will also come in handy when you are buying window treatments and when you start getting into home improvements like a new deck.

Utility Knife
From cutting open packages that arrive in the mail to cleaning up a crack in the wall before you repair it, there are countless uses for a good utility knife.

You don’t have to buy a fancy laser level for most home project. A simple 9-inch torpedo level will work for most homeowners who are just dipping their feet into DIY projects. You will want the level for everything from hanging pictures and shelves to building a railing for the patio.

Needle-Nose Pliers
Every time you need to grab something small, you are going to wish for a pair of needle-nose pliers. This tool features a long, tapered head that starts out wide and narrows out at a tiny point. Make this tool even more useful by choosing one with a wire-cutting blade positioned near the handle.

Whether you choose a handsaw, a circular saw or a cool miter saw, you need to have a saw in the house. The right one for you depends on the types of projects you are planning on doing. If you aren’t going to get into any major renovation projects, then you can probably choose a handsaw or a small, battery-powered circular saw.

Wire Cutter and Stripper
Most homeowners can handle replacing a light fixture, and it’s a relatively safe DIY project. However, you will have to strip the wires a little on the new fixture for it to work. This tool makes stripping the wires safe, effective and easy.

When you are moving into a new home, there are certain tools you need to have on hand. This basic collection of tools is an excellent start for most homeowners. It will allow you to handle most small projects around the house yourself. Invest in quality tools that will last a lifetime, and you won’t have to worry about them breaking when you need them the most.

Thanks, Ryan for these great tips.