Do you buckle your seat belt before driving the car? Well, this is where eighty per cent of the accidents turn fatal. If you don’t protect yourself, you cause harm to yourself and ultimately to other passengers in the car. You should know that possessing excellent driving skills is not important. What is more important is whether you wear a seat belt or not. It is a basic driving requirement that even the best car drivers in the families don’t follow. Your family’s protection should always be your major concern while driving in local areas or highways. Thus, here are crucial factors elaborated to help you understand the impact of seat belts while driving.

Makes a Small Accident Bigger:

Sometimes, due to careless driving, the small accidents turn into life-taking ones. When you are taking your family for a lunch treat or outskirts, you are the person responsible for any mishaps or accidents. As a driver, you should confirm that your children, wife and parents have buckled their seat belts properly. You have to know that it is your responsibility to take care of the environment as a citizen. Taking responsibility will always serve you better rather than ignoring your rights as a responsible family member.

Becomes a Habit:

You must have seen a lot of people who drive cars around you. For instance, you can take your own friends and family members as an example. You must have noticed them not buckling up the seat belts before driving the car. As explained earlier, this is a common cause for accidents. However, when people don’t prefer wearing seat belts across them, it becomes an impeccable habit. Indeed, the same habit can lead to fatal accidents of the family members and friends. Therefore, now you are the one who should decide how protectively you want to drive your car.

Money or Life Protection:

It is not always about money. In cases like accidents, it is always about life. So, it doesn’t matter whether how much money you have spent to purchase your car. When accidents happen, it all comes down to how much you got injured or the number of lives caused due to one mistake. However, one of the main reasons of fatal accidents is improper car functions. That is why, you need to keep your car in a good condition always. But, this doesn’t mean that you should not wear the seat belt while driving. Wearing a seat belt is as important as driving a well functioned car.

Asides to that, if you don’t have your car registered, then you should dial the DVLA  phone number  for car registration enquiries. Because, sometimes driving an unregistered car leads you to face unusual consequences and not wearing the seat belt can lead to fatal accidents. Thus, in both the cases you are breaking the law. So, if you have a new car then register and drive your car safely by wearing the seat belt. Take care of your own and your family because ultimately it is your life that is more important than money.

Our thanks to Annie Bonneville, from Manchester, U.K. for this insightful article.  Please also turn your cell phone off until you arrive safely at your destination.  pb


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