With all the recent events surrounding schools in the news, many parents are considering pulling their children out of the public school systems and homeschooling them. While homeschooling may or may not be an option for every parent, how does one send their child to school every day and ensure their safety? Schools take every precaution to ensure the children who attend have a safe and great environment so they can learn. However; even the best establishments have flaws and there is always that chance that something detrimental can happen. Here are some tips to keep children safe when they are away at school. 

1. Educate 

There is no sure method to keep a child 100 percent safe at school, but there are some things that parents can do to help a child know what to do. For instance, teach the children about talking to stranger danger and what to do while waiting for the bus or walking home from school. A child usually knows if a person is usually in their school and if anything looks or feel suspicious, they should report it to their teachers immediately. Also, give the child a list of emergency numbers, like mom and dad’s cellular phones and grandma’s home numbers so that they may get a hold of their family should there be an issue. Most schools have payphone system or a child can call from the office if necessary to get reach a parent or guardian. 

2. Give Kids a Cellular Phone

There are some parents who are adamantly against children having a cellular phone, but many parents are so thankful that their children have had them during recent events. While kids are generally irresponsible by nature, these phones may be the only connection between the parents and child should the school be on lock-down or there be an issue. School lines can become jammed with concerned parents calling, but knowing that a parent can call a cell phone can put the mind at ease. The phones can also be used to call the police for a teacher or can be used to call an ambulance. Each school has their own policy regarding cell phones and their usage in the schools, but most will at least allow them in the lockers. 

3. Be In Contact With the School

When it comes to bullying and things of this nature, make sure to make a presence at the school. By talking with the principal and the teachers, they will know that the parent is heavily involved in their child’s life. If there is an incident that involves bullying, make sure to get to the bottom of it right away. Involve school staff and make sure that the child feels like the situation is being handled. If the situation is not rectified and bullying continues, parents have rights to protect their children at all costs. 

While the schools have certainly been in the news a great deal the past few years, they are still one of the safest places for children to be. There are some incidents that happen just because not every child is raised the same and also mental illness can play a great factor in this. Still with all the bad news, there are many good things that happen in the schools; it is all about preparing the children for the future.

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