Not only is a cluttered office unsightly, it can also be unsafe. It’s easy to put off cleaning when you have other things to do, but cleaning up your office will actually help you be more productive. 

Sort It 

Start reducing clutter in your office by going though every paper on your desk. Immediately throw away anything you don’t need so that you won’t have to sort through it again. It may take a little time, but simply throwing out unnecessary papers will make your office safer and more organized. 

Create Zones 

Now that you know what you need in your office, you can sort it into zones. It’s best to clean everything off of the shelves and desk surface before placing like items together in work zones. Only keep necessary items on your desk surface so you have plenty of space to work. 

Label Your Shelves and Bins 

Putting labels on your shelves and bins will help you remember where things belong after you take them out. Create an inbox for incoming mail and new projects as well as an outbox for items that have been completed. You may also want to label drawers so that everyone who enters your office will easily be able to find extra pens, staples and other items. If you have too many office supplies or other items, you may want to look into Irvine self storage units to store your excess items until you need them. 

Clean Your Closet 

Closets can be great for storage, but they often end up being a catchall for extra coats, old paperwork and other items that don’t need to be in your office. If your business is seasonal and you have items you won’t need for more than a month, try renting a Lake Elsinore CA storage unit to store your items so they don’t clutter up your closet. 

Straighten Your Space Daily 

The best way to reduce clutter in your office is to straighten your desk and office area daily. Your office won’t become a cluttered mess if you take just 10 or 15 minutes at the end of each day to straighten it. 

Deep Clean Monthly 

Purging old files, cleaning your computer screen and dusting are tasks that don’t need to be done every day, but you should aim to get your office sparkling clean at least once per month. Starting with a clean space will motivate you to keep up on daily maintenance so you don’t ever have to deal with the mess you started out with again.

Sent to us by Angela Prickette.  Author Bio: Angela Prickette is a recent college graduate. She works for herself as a freelance writer and photographer. Her favorite activities include, skiing, rock climbing, and personal fitness.

Another tip is to keep all computer wiring tied up in a neat bundle behind your desk in order to save someone from tripping over it. Also, try posting some safety posters around the office,  as a reminder. pb