Home Security is one of the issues that is most of the time taken for granted. It really is important to invest in this safety precaution as one can never give a value to one’s safety. One cannot put a price on the safety of one’s home and its inhabitants. In this scenario, prevention is really key. Home owners think that a lock and a double lock are safe enough. Some put a chain to lock their doors. Some people have already put in motion detectors that shine a very bright light when some motion sets it off. Some have gone to the extremes of installing CCTV cameras.  While all these are quite adequate there is a spiked rise in crime and neighborhoods are no longer the safe secure havens they were a few years ago. There is now a need for more concrete and updated gadgets designed as home alarm systems. In this article, we will talk about the latest gadgets that will help secure your home.

1.       LED TV Lights.

Some people would keep their lights on and make everyone assume that people were in when in fact nobody is at home. This is the same concept behind the LED TV lights. These lights are projected against the wall in varying shades and depths making it appear as if the TV was on and that someone was watching. This can be kept on at night. Any possible burglar will be spooked and will not try to enter the home. 

2.       Biometric fingerprint locks.

This is something right out of the movies. No longer is security a matter of codes and passwords, it is now automated by biometrics. Any burglar will think twice of trying to break into a house that has biometric finger locks. It is really too hard to overcome. This lock works just like the lock with a code. If there is a possible burglar, with the wrong set of fingerprints, the authorities are alerted and sent to one’s house. And even if one tries this with copying the owner’s fingerprints, will anyone go through such a hassle just to do some petty thieving? 

3.       Twittering laser tripwire with webcam capture.

Let’s say you’ve installed the LED TV Lights and the Biometric fingerprint locks. Let’s say that a burglar was ingenious enough to overcome these. One more fail safe precaution would be to install a Twittering laser tripwire. This too is something right out of the movies yet, it is an effective means of capturing someone who has stolen from your home. A tripwire activates the webcam which takes the photo of someone who is stealing from your home. The picture taken will be uploaded onto Twitter.   With electronics and Social Media, the world can know who this burglar is. This will help in identifying the burglar and ultimately catching him. This is also ideal for those who have help around the house and have items missing here and there. No longer should this shameful act be kept in private. Announce it to the world and let this serve as an example to others.

 Home security is a very serious matter. It should be really researched and thought about. Every precaution must be taken to ensure that the home and all its inhabitants are safe and that it stays that way. One must really look at the design of one’s home and build on what they have to add to one’s security. There are many more gadgets out there, but with these 3 latest home security gadgets, all the bases are covered.

Author Bio:

Lara Chamley is head of security at one of Melbourne’s luxury apartment villages. She conducts a yearly talk on home security and has recently started a business training women self-defense.