It’s almost the end of summer, and people are itching to get out there for their last chance at summer freedom. What better way to enjoy your hot summer days by packing up the car, and going on that road trip?

The average age of the car on the road is about 11 years old—and that’s pretty old for a car. By taking the necessary steps and precautions before hitting the road, you’ll be all set for that last summer adventure!

Before taking off, it’s always good to check in on that car insurance. Trust worthy companies like Charlotte Insurance Agency can really help you out on your planning, and can let you know of their policies when going out on the open road. Never hurts to be better safe than sorry, and to know exactly what your plan holds.

Here are some quick safety tips to look over before getting everyone in that car:

Be Rested

This should go without saying. There is nothing worse than wanting to sleep when you can’t—especially if you’re behind the wheel. Every year there is an average number of 40,000 people injured or hurt after falling asleep at the wheel. Don’t be in this statistic! Get your 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. If you ever feel tired, pull over and take a rest, or switch out with someone.

Grab the Safety Net  

It doesn’t hurt to pack the essentials needed in case of the possible worst happening. Pack extra bottles of water, blankets, flashlights and batteries, jumper cables, and tools needed to change a tire. Bring a phone charger so you’ll always have your phone ready to go.

Check Your Ride

Of course, you’re going to need to check all components of your car before getting to the road. Check the oil, fill with gas, and check the tires. Take a look at your windshield wipers, and your headlights. If it’s time to upgrade, better do it now.

Storing Your Belongings

When packing up your car, make sure to stow the heavy items at the bottom of the pile. Don’t let unexpected suitcases fly through the car at a sudden stop.

Plan Ahead

Have a set route of what you’re planning on taking before hitting the road. Having a clear vision of where you’ll be going will have you less anxious, and less prone to getting into any accidents.

Take Rest Stops

It’s okay to pass up on a couple of them—but it’s good for you to get out and stretch; especially if you’re driving for a longer amount of time. Make sure to pick rest stops with plenty of light and lots of traffic if you’re going to be stopping at night.

Enjoy the Ride

After checking all of these items off of your list, take a breather, and enjoy the open road in front of you! Be alert, and be happy. Enjoy your vacation!

Written by: Austin Crowley 

Thanks so much, Austin.  There will be many travelers on the road for upcoming Labor Day weekend in the U.S.  We’d like to add one thing to your list: be sure your family or friends know your route and when you are expected home.  pb