If you are a long-time auto owner or you trade vehicles for a living, you know that tuning van suspension is one of the most critical parts of getting the best performance out of the vehicle. In fact, it is even possible to have a competitive business van without getting expensive upgrades by simply having a balanced set-up.  In this case, it is important that all tradesmen regularly check the suspended level of the vehicle to avoid the common safety problems: 

Van Performs Poorly on Rough Roads

This may be attributed to worn shock absorbers, which are there in the van’s system to minimise vibrations. They are also responsible for making sure that the wheels are properly in contact with the path. When the vehicle is incorrectly suspended, this does not only reduce comfort but also the driver’s safety. 

Van Appears Low

If you have just checked the vehicle and you notice that there is something wrong with its height, you may want to check the leaf springs of your vehicle. In truth, it is not the shock absorbers that handle the abuse of where you drive, but the leaf springs themselves. What happens here is that when the springs rebound hard, the shock absorbers suffer in return. In this case, you have to make sure that the van’s leaf spring is properly suspended to avoid spring fatigue. The old or worn out leaf springs can change the curb height of the van, meaning its vital to install high quality leaf springs in their place. 

Car is Noisy

If the vehicle makes popping or clunking noises whenever it is turned or meets a bump on the road, this may be an indication that it has a worn ball joint. This happens if it is overused or if it is not lubricated well. 

Tires Rapidly Deflate and Steering Becomes a Problem

The suspension system of the vehicle uses rubber bushings right at the inner trimmings of the control arms. The rubber bushings act like a cushion for the control arms whenever they are used by the vehicle. Therefore, when the bushings are tired and worn, you will find that the van has steering problems and the tires wear too easily. You can avoid this issue if the car is properly aligned. If not, the only solution is to replace the bushings. 

Why a Correctly Suspended Vehicle is a Must

Many people in the car trade use suspension customisation to modify the look of their vehicle. You may find that it looks good, but there are actually more benefits to a properly suspended vehicle than meets the eye. The most popular is the reduction of the amount of fuel used by the van. The cost of fuel is unquestionably spiralling upwards and there seems to be no way to stop it.

However, there are effective ways to combat the heavy amount of fuel used including a well-suspended vehicle. Inspect the van’s fuel efficiency and if you see that you are consuming petrol more than you should, there may be issues with its balance.

Only the right van suspension can give you lower petrol consumption and provide better control on your tires. You should only trade used vehicles that have good van suspension because this means that the car is reliable. It also gives the ideal weight, reduced emissions, enhanced comfort and better driving dynamics.

It is vital as a van owner or van trader to regularly check the vehicle’s suspension – including the shock absorbers, ball joints, rubber bushings and leaf springs. Any problems should be quickly remedied in order to retain the performance, safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle, especially when using the van for business purposes.

Author Bio: Ian Humphries, for UK Aftermarket Springs, which has been an established name in the automotive industry since 1962 and with almost 50 years of experience to draw from, we have the knowledge and expertise to help and guide you.