The anticipation of a holiday weekend is almost as much fun as the holiday itself.  Traveling, going to a lake, skiing, fishing, camping, or to a city to see the sights, Labor Day is usually the “last roundup” of summer vacations.

We hope that on this day those of you who are not working have had some great experiences and a safe weekend.  When it is time to head for home, please don’t drive too fast, or text and drive.  It is a known fact that our law enforcement officers (highway patrol) are out in full force, so leave early enough that you don’t speed.

On your way home, you might think about those who don’t get to celebrate Labor Day, but go about their usual business.  Some that come to mind are convenience store clerks, medical personnel,  nursing home staff, private caregivers, supermarket employees, transportation workers, and oilfield workers that must check their leases every day, 365 days per year.

Special thought is given to our military; this is just another day for them.  Those that are in harms’ way don’t get a day off.  During this trying time for decisions to be made, say a prayer for everyone of them.  It is thanks to them that we have the freedom to work and take time off every once in a while.

Hopefully, you will all arrive safely at home, get the kids ready to go to school, and start a “short week” with a good attitude.  Please work hard and stay safe!