Evidence Collection from Crime Scene with CDR Download System 

Crimes scene are sensitive. It is not only because of the offense that has taken place; it is due to the fact that crime scene gets compromised, data switches place and investigation goes astray, investigators treat crime scene with total care. 

The total purpose of the investigation is to find out what happened. How the accident or fire spread out is the main objective of investigation. Unless one can find out what had gone wrong, it is impossible to reach the conclusion and find the responsible person. 

Identifying the origin of a fire is done by using different methods. The most common method is to carefully inspecting the scene and documenting everything that comes to view. The investigators require the ability to recognize and collect evidence. It is important to keep in mind that evidence can be found from odd places. 

The success of an investigation depends on several factors. Primarily the ability of the investigator makes a great difference. Without the wisdom of the professional arson specialist, it is impossible to find out why the fire started and how it spread. Because, fire destroys almost everything, reconstructing the scene becomes even more important. It is essential to take a look at the scene when everything had been fine and then go back to the stage they have found the ruin. This helps determining the object or incident that had started the inferno. It could be a simple case of a carelessly tossed cigarette or it could be something more sinister like arson. Without a thorough investigation, it is impossible to determine. 

To collect evidence different technologies are used. CDR download system is used to reconstruct the scene with graphics. The crime shows and movies have made the procedure a glamorous affair. However, in the reality, the procedure is lengthy and time taking. Each item takes time to develop. In this process there is no short cut. Nothing can be done in a hurry. Thoughtful and cautious steps are required if one wants to succeed in evidence collection. 

The investigators do not have the luxury to jump to a conclusion. They are trained to look at everything with cautious. They document the details only when satisfied. It is due to this, the responsibility of the responding officer is immense. The officer needs to document everything from the contact details of the caller to the address of the affected place. 

Some common objects get collected always. Bloodstain is one of the items that everyone looks for. However, when fire destroys everything, if becomes impossible to find even the bloodstain. 

Preserving evidence is another matter of difficult task. For this photographers are used. They take pictures of the scene to preserve everything. When the crime occurs outdoor, preserving the scene becomes even more important. The crime department officers even use sketches to document the scenes. With time the investigators use modern equipment. They video tape everything to watch later. 

Fire investigation one of the most complicated procedure. For this special force is frequently hired. Arson specialists are trained to collect evidence from the scene and come to a conclusion about what happened. 

Summary – Evidence collection from crime scene is a complicated matter. Special investigators are hired to do this frequently.  Special personal protective equipment is also needed, such as gloves.

Author Bio – George Steven is a freelance writer and his area of interests and expertise lies in forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. George has his own blogs and websites where he discusses about various aspects of the CRD download.