With increased financial independence, more and more women prefer to stay alone. The idea of living alone has its own perks that most women find very appealing. You can live on your own terms, feel emancipated and enjoy absolute freedom. However, such a life also comes with its own share of disadvantages in the form of security issues. Increasing crime against women has made it imperative for women to adopt means to ensure their safety. If you are a woman living alone, here are the things that will make sure that you stay safe and enjoy your life.

Choose a neighborhood with care

The safety measures you undertake should start from looking for a safe neighborhood. Check out the crime rate in the neighborhood and talk to the people and local businesses. These people will give you a fair idea about the area and also whether it is safe or not.

Once you move in, establish a rapport with your neighbors. Keep in touch always so that you are aware of the happenings in the area and can take steps accordingly.

You should know the layout of the neighborhood also. Familiarize yourself with the places so that you know the areas that tend to remain dark or deserted at night. If you have an erratic work schedule you will know which areas to avoid and when.

Secure your home           

Burglars look for homes that they can break in easily. Homes with wooden doors and windows are their easy targets. To ensure your security, you should replace old wooden doors with reinforced steel. If possible, install security grilles. Invest in deadbolt locks for the exterior doors. The windows also require special attention. Hire a specialized locksmith service and get your entire house inspected and adopt their suggestions to bolster the security system. But also remain aware of ghost locksmiths as Nashville lock maker 456lock points out. Simple things like door chains and spy holes go a long way in making you feel safe and secured.

Beware of strangers

You can install an intercom at the door to identify people who visit your home. Never open the door if you are not sure about who is on the other side. Use the door chain to slightly open the door while attending to strangers. The incidents where the innocuous pizza delivery boy or a courier guy has tried to break in or molest women staying alone necessitate you to be alert always.

Get canine company

A dog is not only a man’s great friend but can be a protector also. Apart from giving you company and much needed love, your pet dog can keep a watch on your house and also alert you about any suspicious movements. Even when you are away, presence of the dog will deter burglars from trying to encroach in your house. 

Leave your home secured all the time

Always keep the doors and windows shut. When you leave your house, take extra care to check all the entry points. No one should be able to gain entry when you are absent. While going for vacations, inform your neighbors about your plan so that they can keep an eye on your house. Keeping spare key under the doormat is a very bad idea. Keep it with a neighbor or a friend instead.

Sensor floodlights installed on the exteriors like the balconies, porches and doorway will keep away burglars.

Take help of technology to ensure your safety

Technology has made it extremely easy to keep your house under constant surveillance and also make you safe always. Your mobile phone can play a great role in ensuring your security. You should include 911 in the speed dial list. Always keep the mobile near you even when you are inside the house. While traveling alone, inform your friends or your relatives about your whereabouts.

Wireless security systems can be installed at home to keep a constant watch on your home. You can even get CCTV cameras installed at certain locations. Geo-locations software, energy savings security systems are great options to make your house burglar-proof. These systems are not only easy to operate but also make your home safe when you are away. With advancement in technology, they have become affordable also.

Keep your personal life to yourself

Social networking sites often become traps for women. Avoid sharing your personal information in social networking sites. Your working hours, travel plans and whereabouts should be kept to yourself only. Share this information only with friends whom you trust and know personally.

To prevent stalking and strangers knowing your whereabouts, you should alter your daily schedule from time to time. Change the route you usually take to reach home or office and also alter the timing also.

Being alert and responsible will keep you safe. Carrying pepper sprays, being fit and knowing self-defense techniques will instill confidence in you to handle any situation and protect yourself. 

About the Author

Anna is a home security expert in Nashville, Tennessee, who helps home owners and business owners stay safe. She loves writing articles related to home security and women safety.