Home must be the safest place for all especially for kids. If there are young kids in the family then the importance of precautionary measures increased.   Children from 6 months to 7 years should be treated equally in terms of safety. They love to explore everything around and in this search often they meet accidents and injuries. Here are some of the top safety tips to make your home safe for young kids:

1.   Don’t leave them near Water

Kids love to play with water but it would be the most dangerous thing is to leave them alone with. Playing with water is always fun for kids no matter what their age is. For toddlers and small kids you must be more careful for possible water hazards. You have to be careful not only forpools but water buckets, tubs, paddling pools.  Toilets  and sinks are a great source of danger and kids should not be left unattended around them. Drowning takes only few seconds and prevention is always better than cure or even grief. Don’t make your children afraid of water but warn them of the possible dangers.

2.   Don’t Put Chemicals or Medications in their Range

Keep any item with chemicals out of the reach of young children. This includes toiletries, detergents and other household products. Even the cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and face wash can be harmful for them if swallowed. It’s suggested to install cabinet guards for all cleaning items and higher cupboards for cosmetics. This is also suggested for medications to keep them lock. Many sugar coated tablets and capsules look like sweets and kids like to reach and eat them. Do not let them be easily accessible for children.

3.   Protect them from Electrical Appliances and Wiring

Electrical appliances should be kept on higher, locked or safe places to keep them away from kids. The natural curiosity of kids compels them to check every item within their reach. Electrical shocks can cause serious injuries even death. Use electrical safety devices for sure in your home. Cover all the sockets with plastic covers. Do not keep water near electrical appliances. Keep the wiring system safe and do not leave any damaged cords or electrical equipment in house.

4.   Watch for the Small Items including Toy Parts

Limit the possibilities of choking which is one of the greater causes of injury to children. Use extra cautions while buying toys for them. Don’t buy those with many small parts. There is no particular rule to suggest which thing should be considered to keep away from kids. Any small item can be dangerous for them either to put in mouth or even in nostrils including coins, nuts, buttons, pins, jelly beans, crystal balls, popcorns, latex balloons, hard candies, grapes etc. Don’t leave toddlers with any small item around.

5.   Secure Windows, Doors & Stairways

It’s important to protect your kids from accidental falls. Kids falling from windows or stairways are the most common home accidents. Prevent the sudden fall by keeping windows and doors locked when there are young kids in home. Don’t leave any higher object chair, table, sofa, bench etc. near a window.  Pay close attention to toddlers learning to use stairs.

6.   Keep Tools Away

Scissors, knives, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers etc. should not be in kids’ range. Kids love to copy the elders and they certainly try to use the tools and apparatus if you forget to keep them safe and away.

We thank Mark Stewart for sending this article.  Most of the time, we focus on work-related safety; however, the safety of our children should be first and foremost. pb