One thing is for sure that those who have ridden the bike once have become the fan of two wheelers forever because the fun and joy they get in riding a motorcycle is hard to get in any other type of vehicle. Therefore, it is often said that bikes are meant for people who do not like to go around in a steel cage, as they love to enjoy the thrill in the wind and embrace the natural beauty around them. However, let’s just face it -when it comes to safety, motorcycles do not offer the same protection that a four wheeler does. Moreover, a bike can go as fast as a car, but it doesn’t offer seat belts to the riders. On top of it, bikes do not have exterior frames like cars, so they cannot absorb the forces in case of a crash. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean that one should never ever ride a bike because today modern protective equipments and certain precautionary measures have made it possible to ride a motorcycle without endangering your life. The most important thing in this regard is wearing a helmet as it protects the most delicate part of the body, our head. For the reason that how dense our skull is, it still cannot protect our brain from getting damaged when it strikes against a footpath or concrete wall during a crash. Therefore, use of helmet for riders is a must, but alone it would not be enough to guarantee the safety of a rider. So professionals also advise people to wear right motorcycle gear that incorporates protective armours in it. 

In addition to  gear, motorcycle riders also need to wear proper gloves and boots for two wheels, which they can easily get from MotorcycleMegaStore.  They keep the skin of a rider from getting scratched and also save them from getting any serious injuries if a bike skids on the road. Apart from having all the personal protective equipment, a rider should also know about his or her riding skills, as it will define their limits. A riding skill is a thing which one cannot develop overnight because it evolves with the passage of time only. Therefore, riders should drive within their skills and do not test their luck by weaving in and out of the traffic or going through curves and turns at high speed. However, an advance riding course would definitely prove quite helpful in developing your riding skills.  

Besides improving riding skills a biker should also take care of the fact that they must look where they want to go otherwise they would either end up in a wrong lane or crash into a car or bike coming from the opposite side. One solution to avoid such a collision is that a rider must drop the speed before making a turn or leaning down because it will give them more control over the bike. Another big mistake that riders often make is that they do not leave enough space between their bike and the vehicle in front of them. As a result of that we often get to see bikers slamming into a vehicle from behind when the car or bike in front of them applies emergency brakes. 

For safe riding, bikers also need to look twice before switching the lane because cars can be easily spotted, but motorcycles are not that easy to spot. Therefore, a biker must keep his or her eyes open at all times, so they do not bump into another biker on the road. In this scenario, side mirrors on the bike would remain quite helpful, as they will give them a good view of any car or bike that is coming a from behind them at a high speed. Aside from taking these precautions, a rider should also take care of two more things, one – he should not drink and ride the bike; secondly, avoid all distractions. For instance, do not get lost in your little world, dream about tomorrow’s party or get busy on the cell phone with your friends or loved ones.

Hopefully, if a rider follows the aforementioned tips he or she would not only remain safe on the road, but they will also enjoy the ride more than anything.

Thanks to Gary Ardill for this information.  Many people prefer to ride their motorcycles to and from work, because they are more economic, as well as just getting the pleasure of being outdoors.  We highly recommend that if they do so, they add a high visibility vest over their regular safety gear and work clothes in order to be seen by drivers. pb