Painting or renovating a house requires experience as well as knowledge of some essential safety measures. There is always a risk of getting injured because one is required to work at odd heights or amidst other strange hazards, which is why people call professionals to take up such jobs.

Ladders are one of the basic tools that aid painters to reach ceilings or climb to higher reaches. Professional Auckland painters   do emphasize the importance of ladder safety during the painting process. While painting, there are various areas in a house where the work with ladder requires some basic safety tips.

Safety Tips for Exterior Painting – Always Avoid Distractions

The amount of risk involved in painting without proper safety measures increases massively especially when complicated with exterior house painting. Unlike interior house painting, painters need to maintain a proper balance while working, as the slightest of the mistakes can result in severe injuries. Therefore, painters should avoid distractions like cell phones, iPods or radios away while working.

Moreover, they need to use proper extension ladders to reach distant areas using safety measures. Painters in Auckland are advised to use safety cables connected to a well-built house foundation that ensures to hold you secured if you drop off a ladder.

Safety Tips for Interior Painting – Use Stabilizers for Better Balance

While working inside the house, you need to make sure that you have proper ladders for work. If you use ladders that are shorter or longer than the recommended lengths, risk of losing balance while work increases and can even affect the quality of work. Professionals recommend that you have a set of ladders that can be extended to meet the requirements. You can even use stabilizers so that the ladders have proper balance and the work can be done without any risk of getting injured. 

 Safety Tips for Roof Painting – Use Ladders That Are Strong, Stable and Reliable

Roof painting is certainly the most unsafe areas of work and so professional painters need to take proper safety measures while working. While painting roof tops or corners, usage of ladder extensions becomes really important. In such cases, make sure you use a strong and reliable ladder with a proper foundation.  Because roof painting involves too much risk, roof painters Auckland recommend that you hire professionals who use proper safety techniques and have good working experience.          

General Essential Safety Tips

  • Standing on the top ladder increases the risk of getting injured. It is advisable that you distribute the weight properly while working on a ladder.
  • Keep the ladder away from unstable surfaces like doors, partitions or windows.
  • While using a folding ladder, make sure that you open it to the maximum as it increases the ground contact and helps in maintaining proper balance.
  • Before using a ladder make sure that it has all the nuts tight and is good enough to be used.     
  • Never try working on the same ladder preoccupied by someone else. It increases the risk of getting imbalanced and can result is severe injuries.
  • While working with ladders, always wear shoes that are not slippery and have a heavy sole  which prevents foot fatigue.

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