Fire is  extremely dangerous;  unfortunately, the destruction and devastation it can cause is often underestimated.  Always take the correct precautions  to help ensure that you and others are not injured should a fire occur.

Below are five tips to keep you and your home fire free:

 1.Equip your home against small house fires

It is crucial that your home is equipped to put out small fires that may occur in your home. The best way to ensure that you are equipped against small house fires is to fit fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the kitchen and any other rooms in the house that a fire would most likely start. For instance, place fire extinguishers near any fireplaces you may have in your home. To help equip your home further, fit fire doors throughout. By doing so it will help contain any fires and stop them from spreading throughout your home. 

2.Become educated in how to extinguish fires

After having fire extinguishers and blankets fitted,  it is advised that you read all instructions carefully and seek advice where needed about how to extinguish different types of fires. Many people are unaware that different types of fires should be extinguished using different types of fire extinguishers. If the wrong type of fire extinguisher is used it can have disastrous effects and as a direct result the fire could spread further and quicker. 

3.Pay attention in the kitchen and do not leave hob (stove) unattended

A large majority of house fires start in the kitchen. Many of these fires are due to negligence and leaving pans unattended on the hob. The best way to combat this is by never leaving the hob (stove) unattended and being vigilant of oven cooking times. When finished cooking it is vital to check that all hobs and the oven are switched off before leaving the kitchen.

  4.Fit and check regularly, the fire alarms throughout your home

In the unlikely event of a fire, the fire alarm will be able to alert you. If you are sleeping and a fire starts in your home you will need to be alerted by a fire alarm or there is a good chance that you will not wake and may become overwhelmed by the fires smoke. If you or anyone else in your family is deaf or hard of hearing they may not be woken by the sound of a fire alarm. With advance in technology now fire alarms are being produced that are able to wake the deaf and hard hearing in the unfortunate event of a fire. These types of fire alarms such as the Deafgard are able to wake the deaf and hard hearing through vibrations and high density flashing lights. 

5.Fully extinguish all cigarettes

Although the smoking ban has meant that many people can no longer smoke inside in public places, many people still do smoke inside in the privacy of their own home. Cigarettes can easily ignite a fire if left unattended. If you do smoke inside your own home always check that your cigarette is fully out when finished and never leave a lit cigarette unattended in the home.

Finally in the event of any fire in the home that is out of control always remember to dial 999 immediately.  (In the U.S., call 9-1-1.)

Our thanks to George Tester of  Deafgard for sending this fire safety information.  It is comforting to know that there are fire alerts that can warn those who are hard of hearing or deaf when there may be fire in their homes.  The same fire safety info would apply to offices and other industries that should have the correct amount of fire extinguishers on hand, and employees trained in their use. pb



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