Garage doors having worn out parts can pose serious safety challenges for both novices and veterans. Read on to know what garage door professionals should keep in mind when at the site!   

Garage doors are highly useful for numerous reasons including storage and safety, but they always have certain potential risks associated with them. Since your garage door is the biggest moving thing within your home, it can lead to serious injuries and damages when out of order or wrongly used! 

Handling a garage door, especially during repair and maintenance work, can be risky not only for homeowners, but also trained and experienced professionals. There are several complicated parts such as a torsion spring that can turn highly dangerous after wearing out.

Considering this, ASAP has come up with some handy and useful safety tips for garage door experts to practice when at work:

Stay Attentive While Replacing Broken Springs

While torsion springs are doubtlessly the most important part of a garage door, it is equally true that they can be highly risky to handle when worn out. Since broken springs become easily breakable, they often cause injuries during garage door inspection and repair.

When replacing a torsion spring, use complete safety equipment including gloves and safety glasses. Also, if the garage door you are repairing has two springs, consider replacing both with new ones, even if only one has worn out. This will prevent any serious mishap from happening in future and keep the door functioning with all its efficiency.

Check Cables Carefully

It remains important to be careful when visually inspecting the cables that combine the entire spring system with the bottom brackets at each side of the door. When worn out, they can break easily and lead to serious and fatal injuries. The right way to handle these cables is to stay fully equipped and always use the right tools. You need to be a little extra considerate when completely replacing cables, for they are associated with high-tension springs.

Tackle a Struggling Door with Care

A garage door that doesn’t properly go up and down implies a risky and dangerous situation, regardless of how old a garage door system you are repairing. If you are trying to operate the door manually and the problem is still the same, it must be due to a faulty spring system. And since an out-of-order spring system is dangerous, it should be tackled with complete care. Make sure you fully replace the broken spring system as it can wear and tear other door components that are adjacent to it.

Get the Old Track Replaced

Most homeowners want to save some dollars by using the old track while getting a new garage door replaced. As a garage door expert, however, it is on your part to make the garage owner understand why changing the old track is important.

Technically, a new door will barely fit well on an old track because of the difference in the weight of the door, thickness of sections and several other parts. Emphasize on the installation of the track that best fits the garage door.

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Oren Linder is author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc. He usually writes for garage door repair, safety tips and garage door installation etc.