Anago Savannah Guest Blog Post – The Efficacy of Washing Your Hands and Disinfecting Surfaces to Remove Workplace Bacteria: 

A CNN report from last week talked about the rise of drug-resistant superbugs that are beginning to plague hospitals all across the nation, and that “the overuse and misuse of antibiotics is contributing to an increase in drug-resistant bacteria, which render antibiotics useless.” The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) agrees, adding that “drug-resistant germs called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, are on the rise and have become more resistant to last-resort antibiotics during the past decade… Currently, almost all CRE infections occur in people receiving significant medical care. CRE are usually transmitted from person-to-person, often on the hands of health care workers.” 

According to “Effectiveness of Hand Washing and Disinfection Methods in Removing Transient Bacteria After Patient Nursing,” a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine discussed why “in hospitals, none of the washing and disinfection methods always removed all patient-borne bacteria from the hands,” and stated an emphasis on “the importance of always using gloves when nursing a profuse spreader of bacteria or one who must be protected from infection.” The general consensus of the study is that even in areas that the general public imagines and hopes would remain sterile, such as medical facilities, the war against germs of all kinds can be long-standing and difficult to win.

When an ordinary citizen reads these sorts of reports, their assumptions of the ways in which modern advancements in technology and the mass proliferation of medicine are combating the germs we encounter on a daily basis are rapidly dashed. If hospitals cannot fight the proliferation of microbes, how then can the other places we visit on a daily visit? One source of major concern for most Americans is the cleanliness of the workplace. Many people spend over eight hours each day in a small environment surrounded by others. For this reason, it is somewhat worrying to consider how the standard work environment could already be a potential hive for harmful microorganisms that are ready to pounce. 

If you are wary about the overall cleanliness of your workplace, there are many areas to look out for, including kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs and toilet seats that may be contaminated with bacteria, even when they do not look visibly stained or “dirty”. Regular cleaning products successfully remove some types of dirt, but only antibacterial cleaning products and powerful disinfectant cleaners can effectively kill germs that cause serious health problems. 

According to Web MD’s “The Six Dirtiest Places in your Office” article, the following places scored the highest when tests were carried out to see if they provide a breeding ground for bacteria: break room sink-faucet handles, microwave door handles, computer keyboards, water fountain buttons, refrigerator door handles and vending machine buttons. Many pairs of hands come into contact with these places during the day. Due to the fact that “80% of common infections are spread by hands,” it is extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly. Always remember that proper hand sanitation is the best way to decrease the possibility of infection and illness in the workplace. 

Seeing as the majority of office workers use a keyboard for long periods of time, it is imperative that you clean it out at least once a week. Unfortunately, it is a sad fact of life that germ levels will keep increasing. Consequently, you should have some disinfecting wipes close at hand for the surrounding desk area, as well as a strong alcohol-based sanitizer to clean the keyboard. Before doing so, a few sprays of compressed air can help to uproot any keyboard gunk and food crumbs that have accumulated over time. 

It is vital that everyone partakes in disinfecting their own desk. This is because, no matter how spotless your own area is, germs can multiply swiftly and, if your neighbor is guilty of having a filthy workstation, then all of your hard time and effort will be for naught in the long run. Germs can travel from one desk and/or cubicle to another unless those who work in your vicinity do enough to curb their propagation themselves. It is essential that you wipe clean and disinfect areas in the kitchen, break room or around your desk, including your keyboard and telephone. 

Regardless of the time of year, an extensive spring-clean will help you to carry out the proper precautions necessary to curtail the spread of bacteria. After all, untidy, disorganized and overcrowded workplace areas help no one and are a hindrance to everybody’s general wellbeing! 

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