The removal, reduction or neutralization of chemicals or contaminants is known as decontamination. It is very important to maintain safety especially at sites containing hazardous waste. Safety products protect the workers from the wastes which eventually contaminate vehicles, tools, on site equipments, etc. Not only that, it may also affect protective clothing and respiratory equipments. It is therefore a necessary step in many facilities.

One of the most important decontamination equipment is Hazmat Portable decontamination system. The portable system by Hazmat is a patented equipment which can easily be transported as its name suggests and can be assembled on site. It comes with the decon hoop having both external handles as well as ones inside, the pool, pump as well as a soap injector. These come with FSI North America’s, a division of Fire Safety International, certification, making it absolutely safe. Let us look at its advantages:

  • It is lightweight yet extremely durable. This makes it perfect for emergency situations besides ensuring longevity of the equipment.

  • Designed for quick set up through rapid inflation it also avoids water wastage by not only reducing the amount of water required for removal of contaminants but keeping the hazardous liquid waste water trapped in.

  • Its ¾” hose with its multi low flow precision spray nozzles the amount of water is directed and effectively cleans the contaminated or affected parts much better, avoiding a great deal of spillage. The precision of these are also such that not a lot of time is needed for removing the contaminants thereby each piece of equipment can serve more people in emergency situations, where availability might be limited. Given the nature of things today equipments providing broad coverage without using a great deal of water are sought after and this is where Hazmat delivers.

  • Aluminum pipe and tube won’t corrode thereby meaning a single piece of this equipment would last long.

  • Even though it does not provide the privacy of zippered doors allowing for complete body wash where necessary, its cost effective nature gives it a distinct edge over other models. This is one of the primary reasons why it is still preferred as an economical and convenient equipment by first response units. It is also often found in factories which might be dealing with hazardous waste material as a quick shower system.

  • When it comes to compactness of storage and handling especially if one needs to use it situations without a lot of available space, there is nothing like this system from Hazmat. It can ideally be placed in almost all sorts of areas and with the ease of assembling without tools the setting up time is almost negligible.

  • Not only does the design allow for ease of use whether in a full loop or half loop but there are two extended handles provided in case the existing ones are already extended to their maximum.

  • Perhaps what takes a piece of the cake is that one can ask for custom sizes upon special pre-order requests. As if all of the above wasn’t enough.  

With emergency situations it is always better to be safe and come prepared with the finest decontamination equipment. With Hazmat you get the best deal.

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