Our parent company, Texas America Safety Company, is dedicated to providing the very best safety products for all types of business, from construction, office, manufacturing, healthcare, oil field, law enforcement, to the military.  Because April is Injury Prevention Month, we want to tell our readers that “Safety” is our middle name, and we are encouraging everyone to be as safe on the job, on the road, or at home or play as they can be. 

Safety is a keystone in every company’s foundation. Without a strong safety program, all other aspects of a company’s performance suffer.  Every company should have the goal of providing the best personal protective equipment and safety training for the entire work fleet.  Employees may become bored with the usual safety meeting presentations, so it is important that they are able to participate and be a part of the company’s plan in order to be in compliance with OSHA standards.  New employees should have the opportunity to understand what they are expected to do on their job – be trained the right way to do things, and have it explained in their home language in case they don’t comprehend English very well. 

There are many statistics on how many persons are injured or killed annually in car accidents, home accidents, sports, and work.  Our main objective is to help protect those who go to work every day with the plan of coming home safely at the end of their shift.  If you observe someone at your workplace who is “an accident waiting to happen,” tell your supervisor before it actually does!  We know there will always be someone who takes chances on the job, knowing they are at risk.  One false move may be their last.  Anyone who gets behind the wheel knows they are at risk of being in an accident.  The best advice is to pay attention to the other driver, and forget about the cell phone and other distractions.  Farmers know the best ways to operate equipment and how to handle animals.  They also know that an accident can happen at any time.  Construction workers are at the top of the list for injuries.  There are  many hazards for most jobs; we just can’t be too cautious about being injured. 

We ask that everyone uses a strategy to avoid becoming injured.  Taking your time and doing the job right, whether it is yard work, housework, playing sports, office work, or physical labor, do it right, and don’t risk having to go to the hospital.  Lost work time costs the employer; it may require hiring another person to replace someone temporarily while the worker recovers. 

Our EMT’s, firefighters, and law enforcement are to be commended, as they are the first responders in times of accidents; they treat the injured and rush them to hospitals for care.  Their jobs are not easy ones, and even they sometimes get injured on the job.  

Whether your job requires eye, head, hand, respiratory protection, or any other equipment, check out www.tasco-safety.com for your special needs.

Let’s all play it smart and stay safe.