The roof is an integral element of our home and as cautious home owners we all have the responsibility to maintain its good condition. Periodic roof survey is essential to keep a close watch on the roof and if the need be, amendments can be made instantly to avoid further damage. Roof repairs or renovation work if outsourced to expert vendors makes the job more easy and perfect. This also reduces the risk as they are quite acquainted with the safety measures that are pre-requisite in roofing job. 
Nevertheless, if you have sound knowledge and the confidence to do it, can also be a better option. This will help in saving the additional labor cost and one can be sure of the superior material quality being used. Safety measures are of utmost importance and should be given priority in order to ensure that there are no accidents or life-threatening events. Roofing repairs are one of the most critical areas of work and should be done carefully with due importance on safety measures. 
Let us peep into some basic yet crucial safety steps that one needs to ensure while doing the roof repairs.
1.Clear away all the mess in the work place area. If you have any old and unused belongings on the flat roof or there is debris that has got collected on the roof; clean all these before you can begin the work. 
2.Ensure that all electrical wires are intact in their place and there are no live or open wires nearby while working on the roof. Take care in case if you have any overhead wire or cable running over the roof. Call the electrician to fix up the wires for you and insulate them if required.
3.Do not forget to wear a helmet, safety glasses and gloves. 
4.Use proper shoes which do not slip. Strictly do not wear slippers while working on the roof.
5.Do not wet the roof floor or do not climb over wet roof.
6.Check the roof shingles before you climb on to the roof. 
7.Keep kids and pets away from your work area or barricade the area where you are working and if the need be, maintain signboards that indicate your work in progress.
8.Avoid using a metal ladder as there are chances of hazards due to electrical shocks. Check the ladder quality before you climb onto it. Ensure that the ladder is properly rooted on an even surface below and would not budge from its place.
9.The quality and strength of the rope matters a lot in case you are using a rope as a safety belt. Try to use the proper secured safety belts available in the market rather than regretting later.
10.Keep your toolkit and equipment ready well in advance and move it onto the roof before you start the work.
These basic tips should be thoroughly followed before the onset of roofing repairs to keep you safe and sound. 
About the Author:  The author as a writer has an inclination towards the construction industry. His articles primarily focus on renovation and repair matters. His in-depth research in Belgium, makes it possible for him to share such useful tips and information.