Before calling over the Handymen to your premises, have a one-on-one chat with all children who are old enough to understand verbal instructions. Lay down ground rules and make it clear that the rules are not to be broken at any cost. The first step is to make them aware of the danger that they might put themselves into if they try to do their own thing. Following next is a short guide on keeping children safe when Handymen Team is around.

1. Discuss Health Hazards

Before handing over your premises to the experts, have a detailed chat with them about the safety measures that need to be taken.  Ensure that the quality of air remains safe and see that the premises are cleaned on a daily basis, after the end of work for that day.

2. Identify common spaces

Before the power tools start booming, ensure that the common areas are identified for the children.   The children should be barred from roaming into the areas where the technicians are working. A simple solution is to relocate the microwave and the refrigerator, to ensure children do not walk into the kitchen unknowingly.

3. Power tools out of reach

Irrespective of the fact that you have one or more kids, the attraction to a power tool will be irresistible.  They might seem like playthings to them; chalk out a plan beforehand to keep all such tools away from children.  Make arrangements with the team to remove tools from the premises at the end of day or keep them secured for the night.

4. Keep the children at bay

It is not easy but it is very essential that children are not running around while the interiors are being done up. They might cause an accident and will also distract the workman from his job.  Repairs and renovations, if possible, should be planned when the kids are away at school or in a day care. In all cases, keep the workers informed that there are children at home and some precautions therefore need to be taken.  

5. Disposal of waste

During renovations, a large amount of waste is produced. It may include nails, pieces of metal, paint, wood shavings and chemicals to name a few. To ensure the child is away from this waste, discuss with the service provider beforehand about proper waste containment methods.  A waste disposal unit can be installed temporarily to prevent children from accessing the waste.

6. Reward a must

Once handyman service professionals leave and the renovation is complete, be sure to reward the children for following the rules and staying out of danger. Spend time with them and ask their opinion about the new changes in their home.

Article Summary: Keeping children away from danger in a house under renovation or with a Handyman team on the job is a tricky matter. Kids are curious by nature and all the working noises are sure to attract them.

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