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Fall Prevention Strategies

The Fall Guy

Did you know that falling is the most common cause of injury or death in the construction industry? Construction workers account for only 6% of the U.S. workforce, but they represent 20% of all job related deaths – (more than 1,200) in the private sector – more deaths than any other industry.

Ladders are the leading cause of falls. Scaffolding is a close second, and roof falls come in third on the list of most common construction worksite injuries.

Anyone working 6-feet or more above the ground needs to take special precautions. We’ve all heard this a thousand times before, but safety starts with you.

Man On Ladder
How to Implement a Fall Prevention Strategy

First of all, pay attention. Look around your job site and your own equipment. Planning ahead and being proactive about replacing worn equipment saves you time and money down the road.

Wherever possible, ladders should be secured to structures. Metal ladders should not be used in stormy or windy weather. Scaffolding should be safe stable and up-to-code. This is the single most violated code. Spread salt or ice melt on icy walkways and keep steps dry and free of debris. You can also install temporary tread strips to deter slipping and falling.

Roof falls can be avoided by installing guardrails and precursor equipment for harnesses. Safety nets at roof edges, beneath unprotected skylights, over pits and shafts, beneath ledges, and unprotected girders. It may take some prep work, but will save you and your business in the long run.

And take the time to be the one on your team that enforces the hard hat rule and makes sure that everyone’s tool belts are fastened securely.

Why a Fall Prevention Strategy Makes Sense

House Construction

The average cost of a fatal fall is $1 Million while the average cost of a fall injury is $110,000. This is certainly enough to put smaller construction sites out of business. Cutting corners on harnesses and gear may seem cost effective – until someone gets hurt. After an accident, implementing a fall prevention program seems pretty budget worthy.

There is no reason to let anyone take the fall. Be the one that prevents the fall in the first place!

Main Work Safety Concerns

The safety of workers should be a top priority for any employer and his workers. Productivity and safety regulations are often times interconnected. One follows the other. The well-being of workers is perhaps the most checked and regulated area in workplaces. And it should come as no surprise either. In case of injury and threat to a person’s life, it is the rules and hazards of the workplace that are thoroughly reviewed and any flaws in them will mean that someone overlooked an issue and should be held responsible.
So what should be considered when it comes to work safety?

• Clean environment – regardless of the type of work that is done in a certain place, maintaining a clean and fresh environment ensures that the people who work there will be healthy. Regular cleaning of the floor, dusting and rubbish removal are all things that need to be done on a regular basis. A common option is to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of this task. It should be a well-known name that can take care of the hygiene and sanitation of an industrial area or office space.

Main Work Safety Concerns

• Safety first – when it comes to operating equipment and machines, safety should be number one priority for workers. Any of the aforementioned should be operated by a trained professional only, and should be properly maintained and looked after to ensure smooth and problem-free operation. Sophisticated machinery and vehicles may be an essential part of your work, in which case each and every point of the manufacturer’s manual should be noted and applied in the work process.

Protective equipment – there is a wide range of equipment and items that can aid the work process, and are in fact a necessity in some cases. Things like safety goggles, hats, gloves and boots to protect one’s body from injury can all be part of the outfit that one must wear at work. If the job is more of a white collar type, then perhaps considering computer glasses can protect one’s eyes from continuous staring at a computer screen. If there is noise involved in the work, earplugs and earmuffs are things to look for.

• Regular breaks – breaks are essential part of any work process. They ensure that one’s mind can stay focused on the job and not tire eventually. Breaks take care of an employee’s both physical and mental health. 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours is the ideal option for ensuring healthy working process. Of course the need for break can vary from person to person, but long periods of working can in time lead to undesired side effects, such as irritability , distraction, confusion and many others.

Main Work Safety Concerns2

• Know your rights – organizations and unions can often offer advice and help on workplace safety requirements and regulations. It is wise to seek it out whenever you have an issue.
Work safety is just as important as the business a company is involved in. What you should do and how you do it should be with regards to your well-being at work and should not be compromised.

Improving office indoor air quality in an eco-friendly way

Improving office indoor air quality in an eco-friendly way

People have worked in offices for years, however over the past few decades the invention of sealed double glazing windows and doors, along with air conditioning have more or less caused a sealed in environment that traps excess chemicals caused from various products in the office that are used on a daily basis, making the quality of the air inside an office unclean. The use of air conditioning, computers, building materials, cleaning products, deodorants and air fresheners can cause a buildup of chemicals in the atmosphere and result in poor air quality. This can cause many health problems. Many allergies and irritations can arise from this type of environment and literally make employees ill. It is essential you try to create a clean and healthier atmosphere for a healthier work place. Here are some ways of improving the indoor air quality of your work place.

Easy solutions to better quality air inside an office is to introduce indoor plants, which have the capability of removing the harmful toxins and chemicals that buildup in the air over time. Indoor plants can be hired from special plant hire centers and the consultants will advise you on what type of plant will suit your area and supply the necessary care needed to keep them indoors. Plants are not only a good choice to improve the air quality by removing or significantly reducing the bad chemicals in the air, but also look good. They make the office look bright and cheerful as well as making a better atmosphere for all of the workers.

Another preference to make air quality better in the office is an air purifier.   Eco friendly cleaners and air purifiers will filter harmful impurities in the air such as dust, pollen and toxins making the air cleaner to breath indoors. There is a wide selection of air purifiers available some greener than others. If you choose carefully you will find an environmentally friendly air purifier to keep your air quality clean. Some come with biodegradable filters that are made with non toxic materials that are waterproof and will prevent bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals and let go only carbon dioxide and water as they rot. You can buy lifetime air purifiers which compared to disposable varieties that need replacing will last a lifetime and prevent filling landfills up.

Other improvements to making your indoor environment cleaner are regularly cleaning and maintenance of your furnishings and fittings. Make sure you clean the filters of air conditioning units and have them regularly serviced to prevent any problems. Check all of your appliances and make sure you get filters cleaned and all equipment regularly. You will find that appliances and equipment will last longer and work more effectively if taken care of properly. Get any upholstered furniture and carpets cleaned professionally. Having specialist clean these items will significantly reduce dust and dust mites that can cause serious allergies and health problems to employees. Reduce the chemicals you clean office equipment, desks and chairs with, do your research and find eco friendly cleaning products to do the job. They will help reduce the poisonous and harmful toxins in the air. Open windows when possible having some fresh air will help make the place a little fresher for a while. This can help remove odours and make the place fresher for a while. It will also help make the atmosphere more lively and create an healthier area for a while. Also prevent smoking in the office. Make your office a no smoking area and find alternative outdoor areas for employees who smoke.

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