The Importance of Surveillance in Workplace Safety

The use of surveillance cameras is on the rise. There could be many reasons why an employer chooses to install cameras in the workplace such as to monitor employee misconduct, protect company property and most importantly to ensure employee and workplace safety. The presence of CCTV and other surveillance systems are known to deter violence, theft, and other types of criminal activities. In a workplace with so many employees and activities taking place, keeping an eye on everything can be time consuming and near impossible. But since workplace safety is an integral part of every business, surveillance systems can do the work of making sure that the company and everyone working there is safe.
Surveillance Benefits in the Workplace
Crime Prevention
Among the best reasons for installing a CCTV system is to deter crime. In fact, studies show that the presence of cameras alone can deter crimes from happening. These cameras are highly noted for being effective especially in car parks. The area is a common target for different crimes that range from graffiti to vehicle theft. Most businesses can not afford the luxury of hiring security guards to keep watch on all areas. The use of a surveillance system is a practical solution. Having a deterrent to potential crimes can put employee’s minds at ease, knowing that they are being looked after.
Crime Resolution
Internal theft in the workplace is very difficult to identify and handle. But a surveillance system can monitor the staff and customers and can effectively prevent internal theft in the workplace. The resolution of workplace issues like sexual harassment, employee productivity and bullying can be abetted with the help of monitoring systems. However, it’s important to point out that while surveillance systems are useful in monitoring employees, for privacy issues – the devices should only be placed in public spaces and no audio should be recorded.
Workplace Safety
Providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment is among the main duties of an employer. Given this, a CCTV system could be a great support. A staff member who has to work overtime at night or has to walk to his car at night would feel safer knowing that any potential accidents will be captured. A company can also coordinate with a CCTV system and alarm monitoring companies for better surveillance and additional safety.
Even for small and medium sized businesses buying and installing a surveillance system should be a consideration. Security systems can be set up in all entrance and exit points of the workplace, staircases, the end of long corridors, lifts, front of washrooms, and canteen. This gives a better surveillance and with a control room in place with experienced staff to control the angel and aperture of the cameras, the entire workplace will be protected and safe. With the help of a surveillance system, employees can be more productive at work knowing that they are in a safe working environment.