Fall Prevention Strategies

November 25, 2014

Tweet The Fall Guy Did you know that falling is the most common cause of injury or death in the construction industry? Construction workers account for only 6% of the U.S. workforce, but they represent 20% of all job related deaths – (more than 1,200) in the private sector – more deaths than any other […]

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Main Work Safety Concerns

November 12, 2014

Tweet The safety of workers should be a top priority for any employer and his workers. Productivity and safety regulations are often times interconnected. One follows the other. The well-being of workers is perhaps the most checked and regulated area in workplaces. And it should come as no surprise either. In case of injury and […]

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Improving office indoor air quality in an eco-friendly way

November 6, 2014

Tweet Improving office indoor air quality in an eco-friendly way People have worked in offices for years, however over the past few decades the invention of sealed double glazing windows and doors, along with air conditioning have more or less caused a sealed in environment that traps excess chemicals caused from various products in the […]

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Office Energy Boosters for an Effective Work Day

October 29, 2014

Tweet Office Energy Boosters for an Effective Work Day   Working at the office all day can be tough when you feel the afternoon slump. You will feel sleepy and your brain will not function actively. It is the main reason why employees take coffee breaks. When you are sleepy, there is a high risk […]

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Safety Tips for the New Construction Worker | Work Safety Blog

October 27, 2014

Tweet SAFETY TIPS FOR THE NEW CONSTRUCTION WORKER Mark Brandon is a regular contributor to the Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites where he shares his expertise with like-minded peers. In this article, he offers some tips for the new construction worker to stay safe on the job site. Taking […]

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How to Stay Safe at Your Office

October 8, 2014

How to Stay Safe at Your Office

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Safety Shortcuts and Excuses

September 4, 2014

Tweet There’s no denying that workplaces in Britain are now safer than they used to be. On the whole, employers have a responsible attitude towards risk management and there are strict laws in place governing health and safety standards. However, lapses do still occur and these incidents are often accompanied by a series of excuses. […]

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Is Your Office Making You Ill?

August 19, 2014

Tweet Guest Post by reader Emma Jones. Most people wouldn’t normally class office work as a high risk profession. The sedentary nature of the job and lack of physical work that goes with it may not scream ‘danger’ but in fact there are a number of health problems that can come with a desk based […]

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Hard Hat Chin Straps. What is available?

August 4, 2014

Hard Hat Chin Straps. What is out there and how do they work?

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Electrical Safety Tips for the Workplace

July 22, 2014

Tweet Electrocution is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. It’s a hazard not limited to construction, manufacturing or factory settings, either; even an office building can present electrical risks. Below are five tips and precautions you should take regardless of your work setting.   1. Be cautious with electrical extension cords. From mobile […]

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