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We all know that when someone tells you to drive safely, first thought is… don’t drink and drive or don’t text while driving, buckle up or watch the road. Common safety rules that we often disregard and take for granted. What does it really mean when you say “drive safely”?

1.       Don’t slow down.

Normally the precaution is for you not to go over-speeding. But the opposite is also recommended. Don’t slow down too much as you may stop the flow of traffic. Other cars are moving in a normal and average speed and they can’t wait for the “king of the road” to pass. Driving too slowly may frustrate drivers behind and around you. This can be another contributing factor in road deaths! Just slow down when you are in unfamiliar places and make sure to keep your hazards blinking on.

2.       Do not accept calls while driving.

Some drivers think that answering calls with the use of mouthpiece, earpiece or loud speaking are okay. However, the call will get his attention and he will focus less on what’s on the road. The brain tends to split thoughts so it’s always better to ignore calls and simply call back later. The phone would have the number of the caller anyway and it would indicate how many times the call is missed. If it’s really urgent, the concerned person on the other line would send an SMS you can read when the traffic light turns to red.

3.       Always put on the seat belt.

If it’s a short-distance driving, you may have the habit of not putting on your seat belt thinking that it won’t be of any good use. You may be lazy or sometimes forget this act for safety. Realize that most accidents happen to drivers who do not buckle up behind the steering wheel. The seat belt should claim its purpose and you should maximize whatever is designed in the car for function.

4.       Forget the toys.

Stuffed dolls, small figurines, pillows and toys are put for decorations in the car. These are girly stuff that most drivers have to please their passengers who consist mostly of their family members. Sorry to burst your bubble but these fluffy toys would not help you be safe in any way. In fact, they may even pose as danger when they block the driver’s view. Instead of placing them on the dashboard or at the back near the compartment area, leave them inside the house to avoid the risks of accidents.

5.       Never assume it’s best to overtake.

Overtaking in many cases is dangerous, especially if you are a novice driver in such a narrow road. Blind spots will always be there so it’s best to never take a wild guess and think that it’s okay to overtake when the side of the road looks clear. There might be a fast-moving car to sweep you by and this implies death or massive injuries at your end in a matter of seconds.


With all these safety tips, the best thing is to always make sure your car is properly serviced and maintained. Before getting inside the car, check the lights and the brakes and remove anything unnecessary that will cause distractions. It’s better that you’re safe than sorry.