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This is one article that we hope drives home the importance of paying 100 percent attention when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle.  They say a “picture is worth a thousand words,” but the two pictures we are presenting to you are worth much more than that, if they serve to save one life, or many lives.





The make and model of these two pickups are hard to detect; however, they both were fairly new.  One driver reportedly drifted into oncoming traffic at the bottom of a blind curve, striking the other pickup.  The man in the correct lane was crushed inside the wreckage of the pickup, while the vehicle that veered into his lane caught fire, with the driver inside.  Both died at the scene.  It was reported that the impact was so severe that both vehicles came to an abrupt stop.

You must always drive defensively, as you never can forecast what the other driver may do.  Some may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while others are busy texting or talking on their cell phones.  There are other times for using phones and/or drinking, and doing so while driving is not appropriate.  It is unknown whether the driver of the first vehicle was using a cell phone, went to sleep, or the exact cause of the accident.  It happened on a curvy State Highway, and in an area where there are very few places to pass.

The pictures deliver the message:  forget about any distractions you might have to contend with.  Wait to talk on the phone when you get home, or pull over and stop.  Turn the radio down enough that you can hear what’s going on around you.  Don’t drink and drive, or drive under the influence of medications.  It’s the same old saying:  distracted driving kills.  Please be careful; don’t become a statistic!

Our thanks to the De Leon, Texas Free Press for sharing their pictures and information