The Winter Olympic Games were completed on February 28th . However, another spectacular event is taking place in March, the X Paralympic Games, to be held in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Dates for the games are March 13th to March 21st.

Approximately 600 athletes from 45 countries have been training hard to win gold medals. These games feature the best athletes in the world with various disabilities. The slogan of the Paralympic Movement is “Spirit in Motion”. The first Summer Paralympic Games were held in Italy in 1960. Sweden hosted the first Winter Paralympic Games in 1976. We look forward to cheering on our favorite athletes, and wish them all “Good Luck!”

For the Winter Paralympic Games, you will see great competition in the following events:

 1. Ice Sledge Hockey

2. Wheelchair Curling

3. Alpine Skiing

4. Biathlon

5. Cross-Country Skiing


 Summer Paralympic Games include:

1. Athletics (track and field)

 2. Boccia

3. Cycling

4. Equestrian

5. Football 5-a-side

6. Football 7-a-side

7. Goalball

8. Judo

9. Powerlifting

10. Rowing

11. Sailing

12. Shooting

13. Swimming

14. Table Tennis

15. Volleyball (sitting)

16. Wheelchair basketball

17. Wheelchair fencing

18. Wheelchair rugby

19. Wheelchair tennis


These athletes come from all over the world to show that they have the skills and power to triumph in their chosen sport by overcoming the obstacles they contend with.  Congratulations to every competitor; you make the world proud!