The Colors of Safety Awareness

When you are driving down the highway, and you see construction workers, rescue workers, or persons picking up litter along the roads, have you noticed the bright colors they wear? Those safety vests, hard hats, clothing, reflective stripes, etc. are there for their protection and to assure that they are conspicuous to oncoming traffic.

When you watch emergency personnel doing their job, notice those bright colors on their clothing, and remember color is just one of the many ways to help ensure a person’s safety.

Primary Safety Colors are:

Safety Orange – Used for vests, traffic cones, hunting vests, barrels and other construction marking devices.

Fire Engine Red – Named mainly for fire engines and other emergency vehicles.

Chartreuse Yellow – Greater visibility at night; many cities now use this color for fire engines and emergency equipment.

Neon Yellow – Most visible color to the human eye, present on most vests.

High Visibility Yellow – Used for coveralls, rainwear, slush boots.

High Visibility Safety Products are a neccessity when working near traffic. Remember to be safe and plan ahead.