Thousands of students will soon start moving to the college of their choice, and there will be many things on their minds.  We have a few tips that will help make the move into that apartment or dorm room a little easier and safer:

  • Plan ahead.  Organize your move and take only the things you really need.
  • Get help:  most parents and friends will be happy to help you with your move, and any extra hands will get you settled in sooner.
  • Know how to lift properly, and don’t pack boxes too heavy.  Avoid back injuries.  No one wants to start new classes with a bad back, let alone miss all the campus activities!
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  It may sound funny, but when you get older, you will understand!
  • Don’t forget to take important records.  Having your medical information is important.
  • Take old phone numbers so you can still get in touch with folks back home.
  • If you are on medication, ask your physician to transfer your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Visit the city of your school early if possible, in order to familiarize yourself to new surroundings.
  • Be sure to pack a Survival Kit!  Non-perishable food, paper plates, bottled water, a few towels, linens, and pen and paper to list things you forgot, will come in handy until you have time to purchase groceries, and other items you need.
  • Remember to take a tool kit with the basics: hammer, nails, screwdriver, etc.  Pack flashlights, one for your room and one for your car.

One last thing, be sure to use the “Buddy System” when walking on campus at night.  Stay safe, and have a wonderful school year!


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