PPE: More About Gloves

We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to protecting your hands.  There are so many types of gloves to choose from, we want to share the following background information:

  • Leather Gloves – Provide protection from cuts and burns.  They also help sustain heat from sparks, blows, and rough objects.  Leather gloves make excellent driving gloves.
  • Aluminized – Furnish insulating and reflective protection from heat; require an insert of synthetic materials for protection against heat and cold.
  • Aramid Fiber – Cut and abrasion-resistant, these gloves wear well and protect against heat and cold.
  • Synthetic – Cut and abrasion resistant, heat and cold protective, they may withstand some diluted acids.  They do not stand up against alkalis and solvents.
  • Fabric Gloves – Constructed from cotton or other fabrics, insufficient for protection against rough, sharp or heavy materials.  They work well to keep out dirt, slivers, and prevent chafing and abrasions.
  • Coated Fabric Gloves – Cotton flannel with napping on one side.  The plastic coating is good for general-purpose gloves, adds slip-resistance from handling materials, bricks and wire to handling chemical lab containers.
  • Chemical and Liquid Resistant Gloves– Made from different types of rubber (natural) – butyl, neoprene, or various plastics: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinyl alcohol, or polyethylene.

Types of Chemical and Liquid Resistant Gloves:

  • Butyl – Synthetic rubber, stands up well to a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Natural (latex) Rubber – Very popular and comfortable, these gloves perform with most water solutions of acids, alkalis, etc.  For those workers who are allergic to latex, glove liners, hypoallergenic, or powderless gloves are good alternatives.
  • Neoprene– Synthetic rubber – Offer good dexterity.  They have superior chemical and wear resistance, compared to natural rubber gloves.
  • Nitrile – Copolymer, provides high sensitivity and dexterity, and stand up to heavy use.

Source: OSHA