Yes, the holidays are here, and there are so many tempting treats out there, but if you consider the consequences, try to fit in a few healthy snacks during your day.

We have some healthful hints for you to consider in your every day routine after the holidays, when you make that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight!  If you follow these 10 rules, you might just get on the right track for a successful weight program:

1.    Choose snacks low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.
2.    Plan your snacks ahead of time so you just don’t grab anything or everything!
3.    First, drink a full glass of water to help curb your appetite.
4.    Combine high-fiber carbohydrates with protein-rich foods such as low-fat dairy products, nuts, seeds and beans for a continued energy boost.
5.    Do not snack in front of the television or at the computer, where it is easy to overeat.
6.    If you absolutely have to have some chips, cookies, dips and spreads, select low-fat, low-sodium varieties, and eat them in moderation.
7.    Be conscious of portion sizes.  Take out just enough to snack on and save the rest for later.
8.    When you are stressed or upset, try not to use snacks as “comfort food”.
9.    Avoid nibbling all day.  Limit munchies to every 3-4 hours to maintain your level of energy.
10.    The types of carbohydrates you eat that are from sugars and sweets provide a quick burst of energy, but then you suffer an energy crash.

Now that we’ve covered this subject, would someone please pass me the candy?  (Just kidding!)

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