A growing number of businesses are realizing that senior citizens play an important role in the success of their companies.  Mature workers appeal to employers for many different reasons:
a wealth of experience, skills, and excellent work ethics.  The outlook for employment is good for seniors, because some employers actually recruit older workers.

Due to preventative healthcare and medical treatment, seniors are able to work long past the traditional retirement age, and choose to work either because they want to, or have financial need.

The Social Security system has undergone major changes, one of which is increasing the age when individuals qualify for full benefits.  Many companies are not offering defined benefit retirement programs, resulting in retirees not having access to guaranteed benefits.

Many retirees enjoy returning to the workforce, either part time or jobs that offer less stress and greater flexibility than their previous occupations.

AARP recently announced the Top Ten Best Employers for Workers over 50.  These companies offer great perks such as free physical therapy sessions, massages, miniature golf, weight-loss programs, dietician services, compressed work schedules, financial planning, retirement counseling, the list goes on and on!

These companies are listed below, with the percentage of workers they employ over age 50:

  • Cornell University, Higher Education, 43%
  • Scripps Health, Health Care, 32%
  • SC Johnson, Consumer Products, 35%
  • YMCA of Greater Rochester, Philanthropy, 18%
  • Lee Memorial Health System, Health Care, 38%
  • Securian, Insurance, 22%
  • First Horizon National Corporation, Financial Services, 27%
  • Stanley Consultants, Consulting Services, 34%
  • Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Health Care, 30%
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Insurance, 37%

AARP also honored international employers of seniors, as well.  There are many websites that seniors can visit if they are interested in seeking employment.  Two of those are:, and

We salute the tremendous contribution our seniors make in work environments, and those “youngsters” who treat them with the respect and admiration they deserve.

AARP-The Magazine