Summer Safety

Because we are all trying to help make our world a safer place, it’s great when we hear from friends in other parts of the world that share the same goal.  The following article was sent to us from the United Kingdom.  We know you will enjoy these helpful reminders, and we appreciate their wanting to participate in our project: bringing safety to the forefront.

As the summer gets closer and closer, we need to be aware that the sun and the subsequent increased time spent outdoors could mean more risk of an accident happening.
At the end of last summer, British company, National Accident Helpline conducted research that suggest those outdoors took extra care not to put themselves in danger during sunny pursuits.

National Accident Helpline, the UK’s leading personal injury claim firm, surveyed more than 100 of its customers to gauge their attitudes to activities which in the past have prompted people to take unnecessary risks.

The results were happily reassuring – for example few people resorted to using lighter fluid or petrol to try and give their barbecue an added boost.

Of those surveyed, 89 per cent said that they would never do so.

Beach lovers were also mindful of safety lessons. Almost everyone surveyed – 99 per cent – said they would not set foot in the sea for a swim if they had consumed any alcohol at all.

And drivers knew that they should also be careful when the sun comes out – 96 per cent of those surveyed maintained that they would change out of their summer flip-flops and into sensible shoes before they got behind the wheel of a car.

National Accident Helpline Legal Director John Campbell said: “Most people, as our research shows, are careful and sensible with what they do – and they deserve their employers, government and private firms to take the same care.”

This concern for safety is surely not just a British thing. As long as everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, stays mindful of being safe then accidents have a much reduced chance of happening. Just by following a few simple safety tips, such as the above; driving in sensible shoes, not putting lighter fluid onto a lit barbeque etc, will put you in a safer environment with less chance of a personal injury.

It probably isn’t surprising that a lot of injuries and accidents occur due to silly mistakes, so ensure you stay safe this summer.