Following two confirmed cases of Swine Flu, and a possible third case, the Texas Department of State Health Services has closed fourteen schools in the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD.  The confirmed cases included students at Byron Steele High School, and were reported as mild.  Following many more reports of flu-like illnesses in the south Texas area, TDSHS will be conducting further investigations.

In Dallas, County Health Department officials are doing what they can to curb the threat of the illness affecting their city.  They have not received an advisory from the CDC, but are already taking action.  Dallas is a major hub for buses, with at least ten busing operators coming from Mexico, the country hardest hit by this influenza.  Mexican companies are sanitizing incoming buses, and questioning whether they should wear face masks, or hand them out to their passengers.  The representatives of the county health department are handing out literature to travelers, and inquiring if they are feeling ill, and if so, advising them to get treated if they are sick.  There are three suspected cases of Swine Flu in Dallas; all three are Dallas residents; however, they are not related and do not live near one another.

We are sure there will be much more news in the next few days regarding other states being affected by this threat.  Hopefully, with the information the government and media are providing, folks will know what to do to stay well, and take all precautions to avoid contacting this influenza, as they do whenever there is an outbreak of any illness.