After hearing the recent news of the arrest of an animal service technician who worked in a laboratory at Yale University for the asphyxiation death of a young woman who was part of the University medical research team, we all wonder if anything could have been done to prevent this horrible crime?

New Haven Police Chief James Lewis classified this crime as workplace violence: not urban, university, or domestic crime, but workplace violence.  According to ABC News, Yale University President, Richard Leven said the accused has worked there since 2004, and his work history did not indicate that his involvement in a crime might be possible.  President Levin went on to say that this is more about the “dark side of the human soul than the extent of security measures”.

Upon reading the statement Chief Lewis made, I reviewed our article, “Violence in the Workplace”, which talks about many of the causes and solutions that could possibly reduce situations that arise in our places of work.  Security cameras play an important part in    It seems that we have come to the place where security cameras should be placed in every work area, especially those that may be secluded, and where persons work alone at times.

Here are five key components recommended by OSHA that can benefit employers and employees alike:

  • Administrative commitment and employee (student) involvement
  • Worksite analysis
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Safety and health training
  • Evaluation

No single strategy solution that will work for all types of businesses and places of education, but potential risks of workplace violence should be identified and corrective measures implemented.  Colleges and universities should investigate threatening situations reported by students, regardless of how trivial they may seem.  Students should be encouraged to be observant and cautious as they go about their everyday activities.

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