There’s probably not one single American (who is old enough) to remember what they were doing on that fateful day when four commercial jetliners were hijacked and intentionally crashed on United States soil.  Two of the planes hit New York City’s twin towers of the World Trade Center, taking the lives of thousands of innocent civilians- persons who represented more than 90 countries. One other jetliner hit the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania.  The hijackers’ target on that fourth plane was our Nation’s capitol, but because brave passengers and the flight crew had been in touch by cell phone with what was going on elsewhere, they fought to retake the plane.  There were no survivors on any flights.

I was at a workshop in Abilene, Texas, when the terrible news was announced.  Everyone gathered around televisions to witness what could only be described as watching a horror movie, and finding it hard to believe that those images were very real.  After gathering for prayer, we were dismissed to go home.   The grief that Americans felt that day remains.  It’s hard to believe that one can lose their life in such a cruel way by simply going to work.  Besides the passengers and persons in the buildings, there were many firefighters, police, EMS personnel and others who lost their lives.  We can only pray that we never see another day such as that one.

Along with hundreds of suppliers and businesses in America, Texas America Safety Company sent hardhats and respirators for the dedicated workers in the cleanup and recovery phase, which lasted until May, 2002.  OSHA distributed more than 131,000 respirators, 11,000 hard hats, 13,000 safety glasses and goggles, and 21,000 pairs of protective gloves. They identified more than 9,000 hazards that had to be dealt with.

Texas America Safety Company, along with all Americans, salutes the workers for the difficult tasks performed during the 10 months of the recovery mission.  As with all Americans, we will never forget that day.  Let’s pledge to keep ourselves, and our country as safe as possible.