Seriously, a fellow I worked with years ago, was telling some of us that he couldn’t stand heights!  There was no way he could climb, or stand on anything off the ground, and “height-tro-phobia” is the name he gave that fear.  I share “acrophobia” with him, as I don’t like heights, either. The weird thing is, I love to fly in planes and it doesn’t bother me at all, but I can’t stand to look down from the staircase at my daughter’s house!  Maybe you can help me figure that one out!

There are several occupations that require working at various heights, and these are considered some of America’s most dangerous jobs:

  • Electric Power Line Workers: These people work at high points and often have to position themselves at angles that make it hard to balance.  Power line workers wear special uniforms to keep from getting shocked and require special equipment to keep them balanced.  They also have to deal with a force to be reckoned with – electricity. Slipping, falling, and mechanical failure to equipment are just a few risks they have to contend with.  The next time your power goes down, think of what your friends at the power company are doing to restore electricity to the many homes that depend on them. Out of every 100,000 workers, 34 die each year.
  • Roofers: Some of the buildings and homes that they work on are extremely high.  In addition to the height, they have to carry heavy tools, walk and crawl to be where they can work.  Many times they must use safety harnesses to prevent them from falling, which may be restrictive for them to work to their full ability.  Risks they endure are high winds, skin cancer from too much sun, falls, and slipping off ladders. 35 roofers die each year per every 100,000 workers.
  • Steel/Iron Construction Workers: It makes me dizzy just thinking about walking on those steel beams while building skyscrapers!  It is extremely important that safety checks are stringent and performed often for these workers.  They wear protective gear, and depend on tethers and pullies, which must be maintained regularly.  Weather can be a dangerous factor for these guys.  Out of every 100,000 workers, 47 die annually.
  • Cell Phone Tower Workers: The statistics are very high: out of every 100,000 workers in this huge industry, 184 die each year. Cell phone companies are competing for higher towers and more towers to accommodate the demands of the public. Many times, the workers they hire are not fully trained and equipped to do the job properly.

Well, my hands are sweaty, just thinking about the jobs these folks do.  Most are experts in their fields and they all deserve our thanks.  Think of the things that wouldn’t be here without them!

Just please, while you’re up there looking down on us, work safely!

Source: Bureau of Labor