One big March activity for college students and basketball fans alike is March Madness!

A total of 65 men’s teams vie for the Men’s Division I NCAA championship.

Women’s Division I NCAA Basketball playoffs feature 64 teams competing to reach the Championships.

Following their respective men’s and women’s conference tournaments, games are played throughout the United States, beginning with regional tournaments, which bring much entertainment and excitement to sports fans.

The Grand Finale is called the Final Four.   Good luck to all the players, coaches, and staff involved.  The teams work hard to qualify to represent their schools in these playoffs.

Spring officially starts March 20; however, usually during the month of March, college students from all over the U.S. take their annual Spring Break.  Students are thinking about having a blast; but their health and safety is important.  There are safe and fun ways to enjoy Spring Break without taking risks that may affect the rest of the school year, or for that matter, the rest of their lives.

Most young people think that they are immortal; but in the first three decades of their lives, more Americans are killed by unintentional injuries than any other cause.  So, please, keep these suggestions from Centers for Disease Control in mind:

  • Be prepared for trips you plan to take, know what vaccinations you need if going abroad.
  • Avoid situations where you could be harmed.  Stay with people that you know. Repeat: Do not leave with strangers!
  • If you are around water, know how to swim.
  • When boating, wear a life jacket.
  • Avoid too much sun.  Use plenty of sunscreen, (at least UV15), and wear wraparound sunglasses.
  • Limit alcohol intake.  To have a memorable spring break, don’t drink too much, so you can remember what you did!
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Think about doing something different this year, such as volunteering.
  • Start a fitness program if you aren’t already getting enough exercise.  Jogging, walking, playing volleyball or other activities are fun and don’t cost a thing.
  • Get a baseball team or soccer team together.
  • Spend your free time with your parents.  Enjoy Mom’s home cooking!

We hope everyone enjoys the month of March.  Spring is just around the corner, and we all will start to get outdoors more, whether it’s gardening, playing golf, or working in the yard.  Enjoy the warmer weather and always play safe and stay safe!