A short time ago, we presented an article that asked, “What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?”   Some jobs that are stressful may not be as demanding as dangerous jobs; however, they can create so much pressure that they are as harmful to an individual than the ones that carry a lot of risk.

Based on a study done by, listed below are the five top stressful jobs of 200 hundred occupations, and were based on 21 stress-causing factors and how significant these demands figure into the average workday.  Certain job demands are competitiveness, risk of unemployment, and the opportunity for advancement.  It’s interesting that some of the five were also on our list of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs, and reference will be made to our articles, in case you wish to review them.

1.    Firefighters – Stress Rank 200.  Whether they are professional or volunteer firefighters, these men and women are on call and risk their lives to protect our homes, businesses, and wilderness from devastating fires.  They experience smoke inhalation, heat exhaustion, and may be required to work outdoors for long hours, in all weather elements.

2.    Corporate executives – Stress Rank 199.  These people make decisions that are important to employees and their company’s success or failure on a daily basis.  They may work many more hours than their workers realize.  Their world is a very competitive one.

3.    Taxi drivers – Stress Rank 198.  Our article, “Have You Taken A Taxi Lately?” describes the risks that taxi drivers experience every day.  Their hours are erratic, which include nights and weekends.  Driving through heavy traffic, especially in bad weather and being responsible for passengers can create a very heavy stress load.

4.    Surgeons – Stress Rank 197.  It may take hours for a surgeon to perform one operation.   Add several more surgeries to that, or emergency surgery during odd hours, and their level of stress can be high.  In addition to the fatigue factor, the decisions they must make affects the lives of their patients.  Their job demands precision and perfection.

5.    Police Officers – Stress Rank 196.  Law enforcement officers face life-threatening  situations – sometimes on a daily basis.  They have to work long shifts, be ready for emergencies, and present physical and emotional strength to the public they serve.  Our article, “Want to Go Into Law Enforcement?” talks about the dangers our officers incur.

Other stressful and dangerous jobs we have discussed include “Dangerous Job: Coal Miners; (before the terrible explosion in West Virginia,), and “Timberrrr”-logging industry dangers.

A final note: any occupation that has to do with producing our nation’s energy is dangerous.  A current example is the tragic off-shore rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  Whether drilling on land or in the water, persons working on drilling rigs respect the dangers that go along with their jobs.  Persons that work on well service rigs, in refineries, coal mines, and companies that contract with oil and gas companies are trained to be familiar with the risks involved in their particular duties.  Stress and danger seem to go hand-in-hand in many occupations.  We have named just a few today.