The National Safety Council announced that June is National Safety Month, a time for companies to be encouraged to involve their employees in preventing workplace injuries. Because workers are more aware of things that go on every day in their work environment,  their input is very useful.  This month focuses on safety awareness at home and at play, as well.

As the weather warms up, we spend more time outdoors and need to always keep safety in mind.  Opportunities for accidents lurk around every corner.  There’s yard work that must be done, gardening, and home repairs waiting to be finished.  Whether you are boating, water skiing, fishing, camping, or leaving home for a new vacation adventure, plan ahead and be prepared, just in case.  Parks will be full of kids participating in sports activities such as baseball, soccer, volleyball, and others.   According to your plans, be sure to take along the right protection: sunscreen, hats or caps, life jackets, safety sunglasses, and a first aid kit, in case it’s needed.

Because it is National Safety Month, each week has a different theme.  By discussing each one, we hope that it will help our readers understand the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Here’s the lineup for June:

  • June 1st – 6th:       Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention;
  • June 7th – 13th:     Teen Driving Safety;
  • June 14th – 20th:   Preventing Overexertion at Work and Home;
  • June 21st – 27th:   Dangers of Cell Phone Use When Driving;
  • June 28th –30th:    Summer Safety.

Each weekly subject is very important.  There are many different angles to think about when planning for safety; hopefully, we will point out things that will be helpful in keeping you safe this summer.  We would welcome any ideas you have.  It should be interesting.  Stay tuned, we will be back to talk about these safety issues.

One thought on “NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH 2010”

  1. National safety month is effective as safety promotional way and to keep employers and employees awareness against safety. That’s very good program as it could become the beginning for company which does not make safety as their first priority in doing their businesses.
    The power of govermental instruction plays the important role. So that’s why such program in each country gets adequate attention both from employers and employees.

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