Well, we’re here in the latter part of July, and still have lots of warm days ahead of us before there’s relief from the heat and those little critters that make summer oh, so much fun!  If you work outdoors or plan any kind of outside recreation, it’s important to be prepared before the mosquitoes land to do their vampire act on you.  

In addition to mosquitoes, bees and wasps are always unwelcome guests at your picnic table. Their beverage of choice is any sugary drink that is left unopened; be aware that they might just crawl right inside the soda can and be waiting for an unsuspecting person to pick it up and take a drink.  Bees are attracted to bright colors, too.  Wear light colors and don’t load up on perfume, as they are infatuated by the latest fragrances, too.  

Mosquitoes use standing water as a breeding ground, so be sure to check out any containers that collect water at least once a week.  Many bug repellents work longer if they contain high concentrations of their formulas.  

Don’t get ticked off this summer!  If you are in tall grass, and wildflower areas, you may attract ticks.  They just might latch onto your dog, too.   It’s best to spray your clothes with an insect repellent before you take that hike. Ticks have been known to carry Lyme Disease, so be sure to remove them from yourself or your dog, using disposable gloves.  Be sure to have a flea/tick collar on your animals this summer.  Chiggers are small little pests that can really make your skin itch, but repellents should take care of them, as well. 

Always keep a first aid kit  handy in case of bites and stings, and be sure you have some Benadryl in case of an allergic reaction.  There are many types of personal protection towelettes that help protect you.   Remember to use lots of sunscreen, wear a hat, and sunglasses that block out UV rays.    It helps if you know what poison ivy, sumac, and oak look like, so you can avoid them. 

Even though it may seem trivial, these tiny insects and poisonous plants can make you miserable.  Take the necessary precautions to avoid them.