“Do It Yourself” projects became popular in the 1950’s, when people decided to make repairs or home improvements without paying professionals to do the job.  Sixty years later, there are many home improvement businesses that sell materials and tools for these projects, and even offer classes to “weekend warriors”.  Television launched the idea with “This Old House” with Bob Vila in 1979.  Today, there are many Do It Yourself programs on television, making any project look like a snap! 

Do It Yourselfers have a lot of determination and are willing to do the work involved, and take pride in their accomplishments.  These people are also aware that safety plays a big part in a successful project.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more than 4 million injuries occur during do-it-yourself projects.  One rule of thumb in playing it safe is to read instructions before tackling that task.  Manufacturer’s information is placed on all tools, and labels on paint, solvents and other products have safety guidelines to follow.  Wearing the right type of safety gear for the particular project is very important.  We’ve listed a few safety items that will help ensure your project is successful and that you emerge unscathed: 

  •     Safety glasses
  •     Respirators
  •     Earplugs/earmuffs
  •     Coveralls
  •     Gloves
  •     Kneepads
  •     industrial safety goggles 

Be sure that all power tools, extension cords and electrical outlets are in good repair.  Walls or surfaces for possible electrical wires or pipes should be checked before cutting, drilling, or hammering.  Special detectors are available at your local home improvement store.  Be sure that you power off and unplug power tools before making any adjustments. 

As always, be sure you lift heavy objects correctly, don’t bend your back. Last but not least, never wear loose clothing or jewelry, and pull back long hair when operating power tools, as they could become entangled. 

With safety in mind, forge ahead, and have fun with your project.