We’ve already mentioned that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we feel that it is such an urgent matter for women to be aware of what they can do to protect their health that it deserves more attention.   National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time to increase public knowledge and stress the importance of early detection.  This is a worldwide effort being  made by charities and medical communities  in many countries.

When a person gets breast cancer, it affects the entire family, and everyone who cares about them – friends, co-workers, everyone.  Experts report that for every 100 women who has breast cancer, one man has it, as well.  Self-examinations and mammography can save lives.  Anyone who finds a suspicious lump in their breast should see their physician as soon as they can.  Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, following non-melanoma skin cancer. 

During NBCAM, pink is the primary color, used as decorations, in clothing, and worn by both men and women.  You see pink at all types of events.  Persons are able to find just about any type of pink product they can think of:  sweatbands, pink label pins, bracelets, socks, head wraps, baseball caps, shirts, (I loved the one that says “Fight Like A Girl”), office supplies, balloons – you name it, and it has probably been manufactured.  These items all promote the idea of being aware of breast cancer and supporting the women who are fighting the disease.  Portions of the profits from many of the sales go for cancer research. 

We in the safety business want to show our support for those fighting breast cancer, with pink safety products.  Items such as pink camo gloves, MSA hard hats, Skullbucket hardhats, and pink earmuffs are all available at   Safety experts have known that Personal Protective Equipment must have a better fit for working women, so these types of glasses, gloves, hardhats and other safety products are made smaller for women.  We all know that if PPE doesn’t fit properly, it won’t protect as well.

And who says men can’t wear pink hardhats?  Any man who has a loved one fighting breast cancer can show his support – even while on the job.  Most of us know one or more women who have been through this battle.  We can help in many ways: by donating to cancer research, by prayer, by taking them to the doctor or for treatment, and by simply being there.

Do what you can help them win the battle over breast cancer.