What better time to make a promise to change the way we look at things than the beginning of a brand new year?  Both research and common-sense tell us that we can enjoy better health when we have a good attitude.  We’ve all heard of the optimist that sees the glass “half-full” and the pessimist that sees it “half-empty.”  How much fun is that?  It’s a lot more pleasant to try to look at our life – both at work and home with a good outlook.  Things can’t be that bad if we don’t make them that bad!  Besides, negative emotions can be detrimental to long-term health issues.  

For young people starting out on a new job, the best advice is to go into that occupation full-steam ahead.  Show your new employer that you are interested in what the company does and stands for, not just in getting a pay check every two weeks.  If you start a job with the knowledge that you may make mistakes, which is expected, but that you are willing to work hard and not “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk”, your chances of advancement are much better that someone who just shows up every day, and doesn’t bring that positive personality with them. 

You don’t have to go around with a grin on your face all day, but understand that there are no shortcuts to success.  You have to do the job you are hired to do and do it safely.  Do you know people in your workplace that complain all the time?  Their complaints affect the morale of their co-workers.  Maybe they need some encouragement to complete the tasks they are assigned to do.  Workers can “feel” the negative or positive “vibes” a co-worker puts out.  

Safe and happy work environments have to be cultivated both by management and workers alike.  It takes time to cultivate friendships; things just don’t happen overnight.  Training is the first step, and employees should take advantage of the work-related lessons they are taught. Do you know any workers who ignore the safety rules, or take a chance on their own, or co-workers’ safety and health?  Do they wear their personal protective equipment, and take care of it?  Do they run machines without guards, or throw tools around?  If so, they are displaying a lack of respect for both themselves, other workers and the company they work for.  

If you need to think about your attitude, now’s the time.  Concentrate on your behavior, both at home and work.  Figure out how to fix problems and don’t give up.  Be willing to help others.  Share ideas with them, but also show that you are able to work independently.  Watch out for your fellow man.  If you witness a near-miss at work, report it and see that it gets corrected.  All of us need to be on the alert for safety hazards.  Pay attention to the many motivational safety posters  posted all around your workplace, and heed their warnings. 

I hope this little “pep talk” will help some of you go into work with a better outlook on things.  I want to share something I read the other day about “well-being,” and after all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?  Concentrate on this good advice, and have a great 2011 at work, home, and play! 

  • PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: Maintaining healthy and energetic bodies by making healthy choices about exercise, diet, and stress management.
  • EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Peace of mind, confidence and self-respect that we achieve by coming to terms with our full range of feelings.
  • SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING: Purpose, fulfillment and meaning that comes with having a sense of connection to those things that are larger than ourselves.
  • INTELLECTUAL WELL-BEING: Mental acuity that results from keeping our minds active, alert, open, curious and creative.
  • SOCIAL WELL-BEING: Camaraderie that comes from maintaining a rich web of relationships, with family, friends, and colleagues.