It’s hard to say if the old saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” applies to every part of the world.  It seems like the lion has been showing more of his teeth lately, with the horrible tragedies in Japan – an earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear concerns.  Also, in the United States, tornadoes have already hit several areas.  Every year they start a littler earlier, or so it appears!  Floods, as well, have occurred as a result of heavy rains in certain parts of the country, and drought in others.  It’s either feast or famine, when it comes to the weather. 

In the eastern United States, March came in like a lamb, but is really threatening to go out like a lion.  In Texas, we have seen a few beautiful spring days; however, we have experienced some very unusually cold and windy March days, too.  Whatever has gone on in your corner of the world, it is hoped that it will get better soon.  April hopefully will bring showers, as rain is really needed in our state.  The threat of wildfires continues because of  extremely dry conditions. 

It is hard to realize that the first three months of 2011 have already passed us by.  We need to start preparing for spring and warm weather.  A few pretty days get us motivated to get outside and start yard work.  Take your time and gradually build up, as those muscles may not be quite ready for a full-throttle workout.  Stock up on work gloves, Eye safety glasses,  (for trimming tree limbs and mowing grass), and wear long-sleeves on your arms, and sunscreen on your face.  Spring brings a new beginning for the rest of the year, and it’s a time we all look forward to – before the heat comes around!  

Think about stocking up your emergency kit just in case bad weather should happen.  Keep plenty of water handy, some non-perishable foods, flashlights, NOAA weather radio, batteries, pet food, and other supplies ready.  Pay attention to weather warnings in your area.  Know where you can pick up your school children in case of a weather emergency, or where they will be taken for safety at their school.  Preparedness pays, regardless of weather conditions, or any other emergency situation.  Most everyone loves springtime, and yet Mother Nature can find ways to really get our attention during that season.   

Last, but not least, here’s hoping that everyone’s final day of March will mosey on out like a sweet little lamb.  But beware……….there’s one more thing to be prepared for:  April Fools’ Day!