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America’s oldest volunteer eye health and safety organization, Prevent Blindness America, reminds us that October is designated as Home Eye Safety Awareness Month.  Of the 2.5 million eye injuries that occur every year, more than half happen within or around the home.  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma, the most common place of injury is the yard or garden.  Home repair and/or the use of power tools in the home cause one in four eye injuries, as well.

“When doing everyday chores around the house or repair work in the garage, we can become complacent about remembering to use the proper eye protection,” said Hugh R. Parry, president and CEO of Prevent Blindness America.  “But, we must remember that an eye injury that can occur in a split second can have lifelong impact on vision.”  Protective eyewear that has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) should always be worn before doing any home or car repair, or during any other activity that could be potentially dangerous to the eyes. 

Another tip for avoiding eye injuries is to provide effective lighting in your home.  Better light reduces eye strain and also improves safety in the home, especially when stairways are well lit, or in areas where good light can reduce the risk of falls and other injuries.  Rehabmart offers a wide variety of table and floor lamps to help you better illuminate your home.  The Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp is a perfect choice for those who may have already suffered some vision loss as well as for those who want to help prevent vision loss.     

The Daylight bulb technology in this uniquely stylish lamp helps to reduce eye strain and improves the contrast of what you are looking at, helping you to see more clearly.  The flicker-free and low-heat technology soothes you and your eyes for hours, while you use 80% less energy compared to conventional lighting choices.  You additionally have the option of adding on a table base or floor stand, converting this lamp to your own needs and specifications.  The Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp also includes two easily changeable 5 inch glass magnifying lenses to help you see tiny details more clearly, making this the perfect choice for anyone who does beading, sewing or other detailed crafts.

 Many people may be familiar with ‘Eye Wash Stations” in their workplace, but few think about the importance of having this available in their homes as well.  Yet keeping eye washes on hand and ready to use at home can mean the difference between a temporary eye problem and lifelong vision loss, especially considering how more than half of all eye injuries occur in the home. 
Vision and eye health are important and everyone should take care of their eyes by getting regular eye check ups and screenings with their ophthalmologist.  The Prevent Blindness America organization also sponsors many screenings and vision programs for low-income children and adults who might not otherwise have access to this health care and prevention.  Rehabmart celebrates Home Eye Safety Awareness Month by continuing to offer a wide and varied choice of the best products to help prevent eye injuries in the home and elsewhere…because prevention of an eye injury is so much better than living with the long-term effects of an eye injury, especially when it could have easily been prevented.   

We at BLOG4SAFETY wish to thank:
Carol Koenigsknecht, Medical Consumer Writer and Hulet Smith, OT, Rehabmart Team Leader & CEO for this great article and sharing their concern with us and our parent company, Texas America Safety Company, about the importance of eye protection both at home and work.


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