There’s one in every family…..someone who has everything, and is impossible to shop for!  Most of us receive gift items that get recycled, (be careful to remember who gave it to you!), or stuck in a drawer somewhere.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that you show how much you really care by giving emergency preparedness items as gifts.  It would be a unique idea to give a friend or someone you love a gift that might possibly save his/her life.  You may see what we have to offer, and order by going to Texas America Safety Company,

Our grandson recently got a truck for his 16th birthday.  I am willing to bet that he doesn’t have a highway safety kit, flashlight, blanket or other emergency equipment that would come in handy in case he became stranded.  These types of emergency kits could be fun to put together for Mom and Dad’s cars, as well. 

If you know someone who wears hardhats at work, we’ve got just the deal for you!  What better way to show your pride in America than by wearing a Patriotic hardhat?  There are other cool hardhats that represent NFL, NBL, NCAA, NHL, NASCAR, and MLB teams.  Shucks, we even have cowboy hardhats that are approved for most types of use.   

T.a.s.c.o  also has many choices of gloves (industrial and medical); some of the leather ones would be great for winter driving.  Mechanix gloves are great for those who need a good, sturdy glove.  There are pink Mechanix gloves, too, for ladies’ smaller hands.   If you know someone who walks early in the morning or late in the evening, what better gift than a high-visibility vest to wear over a jacket, or some high-visibility decals to draw attention to them?  A wide variety of safety glasses are available, too.  They look just as good as those you’d pay several times over for.  If you have a friend who wears safety glasses, check out the styles; you’ll be giving a great gift that offers protection. 

Have a skier on your list?  In addition to warm gloves, we have great selections of protective goggles.  Know someone who works in an industrial setting that requires earmuffs?  Try our Bilsom AM/FM Radio Earmuffs.  You can find them in the earmuffs section.  They are lightweight and durable for industrial work, and do not sound louder than 82 dB.  For those of you who have a welder on your list, T.a.s.c.o has a stock of the coolest welding helmets that can stand the heat! 

We invite you to see for yourself the many items that we offer that will be useful gifts.  Not only will you have the convenience of shopping at home, but for an added Christmas bonus, we’d like to offer you a 10% discount on your purchase!  (Just mention 10% Blog in the Special Instructions space, or remind the customer service person that you order from.)  We also have the capability to customize many items in-house.

We hope the upcoming days bring a wonderful holiday season to you and your loved ones.  Please stay safe, as traffic will be busier than usual.  Best Wishes for safety and happiness during this holiday time from all of us at Texas America Safety Company.  Our toll-free number in the U.S. is 800-646-5346.